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Zhe Tian _ Chen Dong _ txt Novel Paradise

2022-10-24 03:33   Téléphones   Dakoro   1 view

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"It's just a crude imitation of a forbidden instrument, and it's useless at all!" Cried the big black dog, triggering the lines. Boom.  Others, on the other hand, were on the run, thundering and killing, and many of them turned into blood mud and died tragically on the spot. Brush " Ye Fan rushed over and took a big purple bow and several bloody arrows from Jiang Huaian's hand. Chi "" Next to him, several half-step powers suddenly appeared and killed him, trying to use this opportunity to destroy him. Clank.. Ten thousand swords roared in unison, and there was no beginning to kill the ever-changing array. Thousands of Dao shot out to the awn, and hit the four half-step powers. Ah One of them became a sieve on the spot, and even his head was pierced by hundreds of swords, and both form and spirit were destroyed. Ah The other man cried out, and was cut into mud by hundreds of swords, and died a violent death,endless pool swim spa, and ceased to exist. Brush " Ye Fan retreated, according to the instructions of the Black Emperor, like entering no man's land, and then bent his bow and arrow, a flash of blood, shot out. Poof! The third half-step power, itself is fast to kill array obliterated, and was shot by Ye Fan eyebrows, on the spot a loud cry, turned into a fog of blood. And you! Ye Fan bent his bow again,jacuzzi bath spa, and as soon as the last dying half-step power rose into the sky, a blood awn fell down and pierced his heavenly spirit cover. Poof! The head was broken, the body of the strong man turned into mud, and he was killed in an instant without a scream. Everyone is afraid to the extreme, before and after a total of five half-step can be killed, how can they not be afraid? They all cried out. Get out, get out! The crowd swarmed to make a way out of the pile of corpses. Damn it, he set us up. As long as he survives, I will kill him a hundred times! Someone was secretly cruel. Boom! Heaven and earth seem to have a big millstone in rotation, mercilessly crushing life, blood and light constantly rush up, and people constantly turn into meat sauce. It is only a corner of the pattern left by the ancient emperor, but it has the power to kill all living things in the world. Once trapped, it is difficult to get out. In this void, there are thousands of dragons prancing, which is the most terrible murderous look, and there are all kinds of thunder flashing, as long as they are hit, they will become ashes. Ah Screams were heard all the time, jacuzzi suppliers ,endless swim spa, and it was a horrible scene like a Shura field, killing light and rotating to cut one body after another into pieces, with rivers of blood.  Son of the Purple Mansion! As soon as Ye Fan's eyes were cold, he saw the holy son again. His hair was disheveled, he was wearing clothes, a bamboo hat, a big black gourd on his back, and a rotten wooden hammer in his hand. He stepped on the bodies of others. Clang! Ye Fan pulled out the sword of Yin and Yang and strode forward, walking through the lines. Hum! As if he were swinging a mountain ridge,whirlpool bathtub, the sword of Yin and Yang smashed the sky, cut through the sky, and sank fiercely! "When!" monalisa.com