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Zhang Juzheng

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"Did he tell you where to move" "The little one didn't ask him" "Where is he" "Sitting in the outer flower hall" "Then meet him" After that Feng Bao followed Xu Jue out of the backyard and went to the flower hall outside the front yard to meet Hu Zigao It was said that Hu Zigao had been complacent about climbing such a big backer since he got on the line with Xu Jue four months ago Especially after Feng Bao became the head of the ceremony supervisor he was even more glad that the "cold stove" was burned in time This time he found a business opportunity to come to Beijing the purpose is to pay homage to the powerful father-in-law At this moment he sat in the outer flower hall for almost half an hour without seeing Feng Bao's shadow and his heart was as anxious as a cat's paw Although Xu Jue assured that he would let Feng Bao meet him he still had doubts and he had heard about Feng Bao's attitude towards meeting guests Own a small six-grade official if people do not remember the "old love" to refuse to see how to do Just as he was thinking about it he heard a slight sound of footsteps at the door He quickly straightened his neck and looked at it Xu Jue brought in an old man who was over fifty years old and had a rich body Needless to say this must be Feng Bao Without waiting for an introduction Hu Zigao knelt down with a splash and sang loudly in his mouth "Humble Hu Zigao knocks to see old man Feng" According to the rules the internal and external court is very strict Outer court officials even if the rank is low see the inner Energy court giant also must not kowtow ceremony This involves not only the dignity of the court but also the integrity of the scholars However once the Gang Chang collapsed and the officials were not upright there would always be some shameless people fawning on the powerful Therefore kowtowing is only a common thing Seeing Hu Zigao kneeling down Feng Bao felt a shock in his heart and accepted the kowtow ceremony from the official of the outer court This was the first time for him So there was a smile on the white fat face that had no expression Instead of letting Hu Zigao get up in a hurry he sat down and looked at Hu Zigao and said "Lord Hu there is a saying that men have gold under their knees If you salute us like this aren't you afraid that people will laugh at you" Hu Zigao raised his head looked at Feng Bao and answered confidently "Grandfather who dares to laugh at my son kowtowing to me" "Huh" Why are you so comparable "In terms of age my husband happens to be my father's generation but he is so humble and lucky that he can't stand up to your father's father" Hu Zigao's shameless flattery made even Xu Jue who was standing aside feel disgusting But when Feng Bao heard this he laughed so hard that his eyebrows trembled He ordered Hu Zigao to be given a seat to look at the tea "What business is Lord Hu doing in Beijing this time" He asked Hu Zigao put his hands on his knees with a look of great trepidation and replied "The shipyard under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Works in Nanjing has come to ask for the truth about the verification and implementation of this year's ship price" This is a small matter mainly because I want to come to Beijing to see Grandfather Feng "We're a bad old man What's there to see" Feng Bao giggled as he spoke Somehow he was a little fond of the young six-grade official in front of him When Hu Zigao saw the wind at the helm he suddenly stiffened and said "Grandfather I dare to give you some advice" Feng Bao was stunned "What do you think" He asked "The humble position is nothing but an incompetent junior The old man calls Lord Hu one by one which really makes the humble position ashamed and ashamed China Factory If the old man shouts like this again the humble position will have to be killed" Hu Zigao said more and more pretending to be frightened Feng Bao enjoyed it very much He said to Xu Jue who was sitting beside him "Look at your short tongue Last time I came back from Nanjing I didn't tell us in detail Hu Da-no Hu Hu Zigao is such a spiritual person" Feng Bao's praise was exchanged for a jar of vinegar from Xu Jue He leaned over and replied "Yes I don't know about the little one The two lips of Chief Hu were actually soaked in honey" For Xu Jue's sarcasm Hu Zigao did not feel embarrassed at all He said excitedly "I envy Manager Xu very much I can follow Grandfather Feng all day long This is really a blessing for eight lifetimes" Taking over the conversation Xu Jue began to joke "Listen to what Master Hu said You want to be the godson of our master" If you can really do this you can't ask for a humble position ” Hu Zigao quickly answered and said staring at Feng Bao with a pair of blue eyes with excessive wine color Laughing aside seeing that Hu Zigao was more serious Feng Bao calmed down Although he still had a smile on his face his words were not as affectionate as before "Hu Zigao what else do you see us" As soon as he heard this Hu Zigao knew that there was no way to recognize his "godfather" He quickly picked up a rosewood Environment brocade bo their taunts Hu Zigao blushed to his ears As soon as he gritted his teeth he spoke nakedly from the bottom of his heart "Encouraged by the old man the humble position will speak directly The humble position wants to be promoted and move his seat" "Well have you decided what kind of promotion you want"  trade-global.com