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Yan's daughter

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"Hm?" Yan Bingjun stared at her in a daze. Just because the elder sister is smart doesn't mean she is stupid. Juner is also very clever, but Ah Jie is even cleverer.  He was handsome and graceful. But every time he saw Wei Kui, he always sighed, 'Pearls and jade are on my side, and I feel my body is dirty.'" You see Wang Wuzi is also very beautiful, but not as good as Wei Kui, this is the truth that there are people outside, Juner will always meet someone who is better than himself in some way, there is no need to be depressed. Yan Bingchu thought for a moment and then said, "Have you ever heard of Xi Shi?" "I have heard that you know that Xi Shi is a famous beauty," Yan Bingjun said excitedly. "I also know the story of Dong Shi's imitation." You know what a famous beauty is at a young age. Yan Bingchu gave Xiao Bingjun a contemptuous look, but ignored his doubts and said, "If Dong Shi could recognize that he is not as good as Xi Shi,stainless tile trim, he would work diligently. Maybe he would be famous for his virtue, and he would not end up being laughed at.". This also shows that in order to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, we should not blindly pursue things beyond our abilities. As he spoke, he looked carefully at Yan Bingjun's little face, which obviously had dark circles under his eyes. Is Juner secretly reciting late these days? Embarrassed, Yan Bingjun lowered his head and blushed. "I just want to finish reciting like Ah Jie," he said weakly. "But I can't read all the words,china tile trim, so I can't recite them." Hey hey, Yan Bingchu smirked proudly, that's because I've got it all on my back, and casually replaced it with the word "some", how can you be a little kid to recite it? When Yan Bingchu saw that Yan Bingjun had regained his spirits, he picked up the book again, forked a piece of papaya and put it in his mouth. He said so many words that she was so thirsty. Little Bingjun looked at her in disgust and said, "Ah Jie, at least I have worked hard.". "Sister is free. Let's practice calligraphy." With that, without waiting for Yan Bingchu to react, he jumped down and ran out of the door. Yan Bingchu rolled his eyes feebly at his back. He was really a little guy who burned the bridge. In Bie Jing yuan, Fu An is packing up Xie Xu's things, in fact, there are not many things. Prince originally just intended to rest in Fuzhou, but did not expect to suddenly changed his mind, stainless steel tile trim ,aluminum tile edge trim, said to study in Fuzhou Academy for a while, went to the letter to his wife, his wife also agreed. In this way, some clothes and so on have to be purchased. Fu An carried all the baggage to the carriage, only to find that one thing was missing. He grabbed Fubao, who was about to flee, and said, "Have you seen the prince's jade pendant?" "Which one?" Asked Fu Bao doubtfully. " Goodbye to the box, a little girl's toy full of pearls, jade, agate, cat's eye, coral and diamonds,tile profile factory, a bracelet with several thin strands together, lilacs carved in the shape of magnolia flowers, bracelets inlaid with broken diamonds.. jecatrims.com