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Winner is king _ Lin Hai Tingtao _ txt novel paradise

2022-10-24 03:45   Téléphones   Dakoro   2 views

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Even Cannavaro returned to the coach's bench with his head down-it was the first time he sat down in the game, but he had been standing all the time before. Cannavaro has given up, even the Napoli players on the pitch. But there is still one Napoli player on the pitch who has not given up, that is Hero Chen. Hero Chen scored only one goal in the game and did not help the team win the game. By rights, he is a complete loser. But Chen Yingxiong did not give up. There were still ten minutes left in the game. He was looking for the chance to score. However, as a pure center, he relies heavily on the support of his teammates. Without his teammates in the midfield and backcourt to send him high-quality passes,calcium ammonium nitrate price, he is just a bridgehead and transit station to receive the ball and pass it out in the front field. There was no threat to the Lazio goal guarded by Ter Stegen. Now he has the ball more and can only choose Jose. Passarella back singles It seemed to go back to the scene at the beginning of the game. But unlike at the beginning of the game, it was because Hero Chen got into a dead end before, but this time it was Hero Chen's helpless choice-out of the back singles, what else can he do now? Jose.. Passarella is no longer afraid to fight Hero Chen. He did not use his body, but used his skills,caustic calcined magnesite, awareness and experience to defend Chen Yingxiong, even without fouls. And Hero Chen, with his brute strength, ran into Jose. Passarella Just like throwing a punch, but hitting the air, not only did not hurt the other side, but because they pulled too hard on the muscles and joints. Until the whistle blew at the end of the game, Chen Yingxiong failed to score again. The number of goals he scored in this game was locked in one. It was also his eleventh goal of the season. This figure ensures that he continues to rank second in the league's scoring table. But he doesn't care about that. When the game was over, he stared at Jose.. Passarella 2.clench your fists. They look like they're going to hit each other. But in fact, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, he just secretly vowed in his heart that he must study hard to improve his ability to play singles on his back! He can't be the kind of person who always has to rely on his teammates. I  Of course, on the court, he would never refuse to win. This is not a contradiction, but the most correct professional attitude. After Chen Yingxiong lost the game,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, his mouth was quite hard and he did not admit defeat, indicating that he would come again. Every time I play Lazio, I am full of fighting spirit. I like this feeling. Lost the game? It doesn't matter. We'll have a lot of chances to play each other in the future. I can't always lose. stargrace-magnesite.com