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What to do if you dress like a man who accepts the text -- Yuqin style

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 When Yang Jian flew more than ten thousand miles, he had already sensed the existence of heaven, and he looked at Su Zijun. Uh? What's the matter? Su Zijun looked at Yang Jian in puzzlement. I have sensed the heaven. Shall I open the door of the heaven now and take you in, or wait for you to sense the heaven and go in by yourself? Yang Jian answered. You can open the gate of heaven, which saves time and mana consumption. Su Zijun does not mind being brought into heaven by Yang Jian, although this is likely to make others feel that he did not rely on his own strength to enter heaven. But so what? He does not need to rely on other people's eyes to live, even if others think he eats soft rice, as long as he has the strength, he does not mind, even if three people become a tiger,carnosic acid price, it is no big deal. In fact, there is not much difference between the spirit of heaven and the immortal world, but the spirit of heaven is more intense than that of the wilderness in the main city. In the celestial world, the distribution of Reiki is mainly based on the trend of spiritual veins, unlike in the celestial world, which mainly relies on the main city and Zhou Tianxingdou to echo each other, thus attracting the power of foreign stars. After Yang Jian and Su Zijun entered the heaven, they appeared outside,jujube seed powder, but they did not choose to enter, but inspired the invitation card given by Princess Lvrui, which opened the most famous door to the thirty-three heavens, the South Gate of Heaven, located in the first heaven. Outside the South Gate of Heaven, the gatekeepers are the Growth Heavenly King Mfiant with Su Zijun across them, directly into the South Gate of Heaven, their faces suddenly black. Originally saw Yang Jian on the depressed mood, at this moment is like a lump in the throat, one breath blocked in the chest. Yang Jian and Su Zijun easily entered the South Gate of Heaven, although Yang Jian did not come to heaven several times, but for the layout of heaven, he is like the palm of his hand. Who let him bear the mountain to catch up with the sun, split the mountain to save his mother, several times to kill the heaven, to say that for the study and familiarity of heaven, he is really one of the few people in the three realms. Yang Jian took Su Zijun's hand and walked through the palace pavilions without hesitation. Even the fairy boys and girls in heaven dared not walk around like this. After all, every heaven in heaven is no less than a small world, in which pavilions and pavilions stand in great numbers, and Asgard Cloud Island is everywhere. Moreover, the architectural style is basically similar, and if you are not careful, you will be embarrassed to go to the wrong place. In Heaven, there are not many landmark buildings, such as Lingxiao Palace, Jade Pool Wonderland, Qingwei Tianyu Qingjing where yuanshi Tianzun lives, Yuyu Tianqing where Lingbao Tianzun lives, and Dachitian Taiqing where Daode Tianzun resides. In addition, the Ziwei Palace of Ziwei Emperor in the Arctic, the Changsheng Palace of Changsheng Emperor in the Antarctic, the Gouchen Palace of Emperor of Heaven, and the Houtu Palace of Emperor of Heaven are symbolic. Other buildings are basically made in the same style,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, except for some places, which are different because of the layout of the occupants. It's normal to get lost in heaven. Therefore, the immortals in heaven would refine a batch of things to guide the way after refining and controlling their own mansions. prius-biotech.com

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