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What is the Difference Between Wedding Arches, Chuppahs, Mandaps, Canopies, Gazebos, and Altars?

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Though different types of wedding arches have both cultural and religious significance (representing protection, divine presence, and the home, for example), couples embrace the curve for aesthetic and décor purposes, too. A beautiful arbor can anchor and define an outdoor ceremony, serve as a photo backdrop, or bring new meaning to your wedding celebration. With the addition of fabrics, flowers, and various builds, arches can become part of your own theme, not to mention a gorgeous way to bring a bold new look to the end of your aisle.

What’s the difference between these structures?If you're planning a wedding with plenty of personal touches, think about personalizing your flowers, too. But instead of basing your choices on flower color and style alone, let each flower's significance and meaning inform your decision as well. From your bouquet to your arrangements, there are so many ways to infuse your personality and signify something truly special.If you’ve been on Instagram, ever, you know exactly what we mean by flower walls— lush greenery, artistically-styled blooms, custom signage—all working together to create the perfect photo-moment frame at an event, premier, or branded space.Flower walls are custom-designed statement pieces built for businesses, brands, and individuals looking to inject vibrancy, style, and personality into their big moments. They’re growing in popularity, replacing “step and repeat” banners, and popping up alongside the floral installations that are sweeping the 2021 summer scene. But, despite flower wall ubiquitousness, you might still have questions. And, fam, we have answers.Live flower walls are not only works of art, but they’re (excuse us for stating the obvious) made from living materials. This means that in order for a live flower wall to be a beautiful, vibrant, fresh success, certain considerations have to be taken when it comes to flower and plant choices.If you use our tips and follow our advice, you're sure to have a good experience. So, let's get started.

Wedding Flower Arrangement Tips