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Waste Motor Oil Into Base Oil Distillation Machine

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The Base oil Distillation Equipment is produced to distills the waste oil. Waste oil refers to waste lubricating oil replaced from various machinery, vehicles and ships. The production process is due to a large number of colloids and oxides produced by the external pollution during the use of the lubricating oil, which reduces or even loses its functions of controlling friction, reducing wear, cooling and cooling, sealing and isolating, and reducing vibration, and has to be replaced.1.Long service lifeIndirect heating can protect reactor, which makes no pollutions and greatly increase the service life of Diesel Distillation Equipment.

2.Better oil qualityAfter oil distillation, we will add some chemical to remove color and odor in the diesel, so as to improve the diesel quality.The diesel from our oil distillation machine can be used in diesel generator, tractors, trucks etc.With numerous waste management regulations in force, disposing of waste oil is a costly exercise. As a result, many companies are seeking ways to convert their waste oils into useable fuel oils, such as RFO and Biodiesel. Whether recovering cooking oil or fuel oil, incorporating the Waste Oil Filtration Equipment within your recovery process will allow you to effectively remove debris from your waste vegetable oil. This fully enclosed filtration system uses a unique self-cleaning wiper system for continuous operation. Also, unlike other filtration systems such as bag or basket filters, the Self-Cleaning Waste Oil Filtration Equipment incorporates a reusable stainless steel element, eliminating costs associated with replacing and disposing of filter media.Did you know that dissolved gasses present in transformer oil can result in arcing, corona discharges and overheating that will ultimately reduce the electrical efficiency and lifetime of the transformer? Not only this but, the insulation strength of the oil is also adversely affected by the water contamination that sometimes goes down to about 30 ppm (parts per million). This calls for a dire need to adopt Transformer Oil Filtration Machine well in time!Lubricant Oil filtration machines can be found both on the suction and discharge sides of the lubricating oil pump dependent on the installation and type of engine or engines. Their maintenance is absolutely critical to the life expectancy of the crankshaft and its bearings, which depends entirely on an uninterrupted supply of clean and correctly filtered oil.