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Warming is naturally dull

2022-10-25 01:11   Services   Dakoro   18 views

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"If we don't like it after trying it, we'll change it." Xu Xiao finally smiled, yes, he does not hate the profession of a teacher, do not know what he likes to do, then what to think, to do it! If you don't like the job or it's not suitable for you, Xu Xiao feels that he can always try out what he likes. Lin Ning's words made Xu Xiao feel suddenly enlightened, and his mood could not help but get better. You're right, I want to see the latest movie! Xu Xiao found a comfortable position in his arms. Uh Lin Ning took the remote control to open the movie, and the same little golden dragon appeared on the screen. ———————— A day's time passed in watching movies and eating takeout. Lin Ning felt that he could not do this again. When he returned home in a few days, he must cook and eat some nutritious and hygienic food by himself. I can't always order takeout. Xu Xiao is easy to feel sleepy when watching movies. It is obviously a film that makes people feel excited, but Xu Xiao is about to fall asleep little by little. It was so comfortable to lean on Lin Ning's arms that Xu Xiao rubbed unconsciously and fell asleep. Lin Ning is also very helpless, two people together for a few months, did not watch a movie together from beginning to end. But no way, looking at Xu Xiao's sleeping face,artificial plant wall panels, Lin Ning lowered his head and kissed him mercilessly as a punishment. Then he held the remote control and turned the volume to the lowest level. All I know is the sleeping pig. Lin Ning said to amuse himself, also did not have the mind to watch the movie, took the mobile phone to take a picture of Xu Xiao's sleeping face. Gently pinch his face with your fingers and give him some funny expressions. Lin Ning took pictures one by one. And then sneak a kiss up to his face and film it. Lin Ning happily set the photo as a screensaver. He sent the photo to Xu Xiao's mobile phone and saved it. By the way, he set his mobile phone screensaver to his funny expression. After doing everything, Lin Ning pretended that nothing had happened and put the phone back in place. Lin Ning didn't want to wake him up, but he couldn't sleep in his arms like that,outdoor ficus tree, it would be cold. Pick people up and put them on the bed. Lin Ning gently helped him take off his coat and pants, and when he took off his pants, he pulled down his underwear by the way. ……” Lin Ning's ears were red, his eyes stayed on Xu Xiao, and finally he slowly pulled him back. Lin Ning frowned and rubbed his ears, it's not that he hasn't seen it before, but he's still shy? Lin Ning secretly spurned himself, helped him cover the quilt, and sat down beside the bed. Xu Xiao turned over, Lin Ning thought he was going to wake up, but he just turned over and went back to sleep. Lin Ning was bored and went to Weibo to chat with his fans. When he didn't have so many followers, he started a question-and-answer blog, artificial grass panels ,fake blossom tree, which was limited to a period of time, during which he would answer all the questions asked by his followers (as long as they didn't involve privacy). At that time, many cvs liked to open this kind of activity, because the message suddenly increased, and the interaction of fans could also be driven up. But at that time, it was because there were not many fans that we needed to promote interaction, but now we don't need it at all. However, Lin Ning plans to open a "question and answer" now, and when the last issue of "Fox" is over, he will also fade the circle, hoping to have a good interaction with fans before fading the circle. In fact, it is a light circle, but there is not much cv that can come back, and it is almost the same as withdrawing from the circle. Can get so many people like Lin Ning's heart is also warm. In the past, this activity was just to improve the interaction rate of fans, so this time it is a real feedback to fans. [CV] Lemon Tea: Hello, everyone. I ing. I hope you can have a good time in the future! Citric acid is sweet again: After two years, Dada finally opens again and has questions to answer! I am very happy to be able to accompany you from one hundred fans to now. I don't have anything to ask,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, but I can't help feeling that everyone is getting better and better! Yes, as long as there is positive energy, everyone can live happily every day. Thanks for the company ~ …… ———————— hacartificialtree.com