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Unique All-round Talent _ 202002 15155715

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Chapter 225 strength represents everything. There are many people in this world. Good people, bad people, calm people, numb people. Lin Yu has seen a lot of people in the past two generations, but it's the first time he's seen a bitch like Jiang Xin who indiscriminately puts all the blame on his friends for many years in order not to be led. And Shen Bing was also a good person who was bullied by others. After being splashed with dirty water, he did not say a word. It's just a look of consternation and pity that really looks like it's all her fault. All right, this has nothing to do with Shen Bing. The counter is what I kick to pieces to calculate how much a damaged item costs. Lin Yu, who couldn't bear to look at it, opened his mouth and said something. Is that so? After Lin Yu opened his mouth, Zhan Jie asked Jiang Xin in a cold voice. Jiang Xin, who was particularly afraid of being led, replied in a panic: "That's right.". But it's still true to blame Shen Bing for this. "Are you shameless?" Qi Yue, who had been looking on coldly, suddenly burst out. She knew better than anyone what had happened. Strictly speaking, although Shen Bing was neither humble nor arrogant in the face of Zhan Xinyun, she did not make any mistakes. But Jiang Xin pushed the responsibility to her again and again, which made Qi Yue's heart very uncomfortable. I After being drunk by Qi Yue, Jiang Xin's face turned slightly red. I tried to defend myself, but I didn't dare. All right, don't talk too much. We have to go upstairs to choose a gift! Seeing Qi Yue's face darkened, Lin Yu comforted him with a smile. Lin Yu took Qi Yue's hand and said to Zhan Jie, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet price, "Let your people count how much money you need, and I will pay by credit card.". The whole thing has nothing to do with Shen Bing. It was Zhan Xinyun and Jiang Xin who offended me. But it's all a little thing to solve quickly. I don't want to affect the mood of Christmas Eve. "Well, I owe you one this time!" Zhan Jie can mix to today's status is definitely not a simple role, how can not understand what is the reason. After a polite sentence with Lin Yu, he said directly to Shen Bing: "Calculate how much money has been damaged, and all the things are converted according to the purchase price." " yuan." "What?"? 23671 yuan? Qi Yue asked in surprise. The kind-hearted Shen Bing, who felt that the two high school students should bear such a large sum of money, opened his mouth and said,plastic bulk containers, "It's 23671 yuan.". In fact, you are also standing up for me to damage these things. How about this? Let's share the loss! "It's not that I have no money to bear." Is this too exaggerated? Cosmetics that can sell hundreds of thousands of yuan cost only 23671 yuan! Not a tenth of the selling price. Qi Yue looks like an illegal understanding. Seeing the girl like this, Shen Bing smiled and said in a low voice: "The cosmetics industry is profiteering.". Ninety percent profit is the rule of the trade. binpallet.com

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