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Tiger Wife Rabbit Xianggong by Zhuxi

2022-10-25 01:14   Services   Dakoro   20 views

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It was not until they got close that it was noticed that the two children did not look alike. The slightly taller child had a round face and a pair of smart round eyes under his black and bushy eyebrows. And when laughing, the nose will slightly wrinkle to the bridge of the nose, forming a few thin lines between the bridge of the nose, looking like a naughty kitten. The other child was about four fingers shorter than this one. The child has a melon seed face, two curved and long eyebrows, a pair of eyes, although also round, is slightly different from the other child's cat's eyes, the end of the eyes slightly downward, when looking at people a naive and ignorant look. It was the height of summer, and it was obvious that the tall child was full of vigor and had been sunburned into briquettes, while the short one was still as white as a snowball. Now it was close to the meal time, and everyone in the old street by the Jin River was rushing home to eat, so although the sun was in the sky, the street was particularly lively. As soon as the two children, holding hands, came out of the alley, they made all the people in the old street look at them. Father Zhang, who had a tiger stove on the other side of the street,interactive touch screens education, saw the two children and shouted at them, "The two brothers are going to deliver food to your father again!" Father Zhang is humorous by nature and likes to play jokes on people, but his wife, Grandma Zhang, is the most timid and afraid of offending people. Listening to Father Zhang's cry, she immediately went over and patted Father Zhang on the back, laughing and scolding: "What little brothers,smartboards in classrooms, they are both girls!" A daughter-in-law who was drawing water in front of the Tiger Stove looked back at Lei Yinshuang and said to Granny Zhang with a smile, "If a foreigner were here now, maybe he would really think we were both boys." Another daughter-in-law, who was waiting to fetch water, laughed and said, "Master Hu has looked like a boy since he was a child.". That's all right, but the little rabbit they took in was obviously a boy, but the longer he grew, the more he looked like a girl. Look, this summer, who in our street is not tanned a circle? But he's getting whiter and whiter in the sun. "Why are you jealous?" The daughter-in-law in front turned around and teased her. Whew! You're not jealous? The daughter-in-law smiled and touched the face of the little rabbit who happened to be passing by her. "Why is a boy so white?" She asked? Give a little to your sister Shuangshuang. Look at this little tiger. It's so sunburned that it can hardly be found in the coal pile. Seeing the daughter-in-law eating the rabbit's bean curd, Lei Yinshuang was unhappy. He reached over and clapped the daughter-in-law's hand. He frowned and said, "Auntie, digital touch screen board ,65 inch smart board, men and women are not close to each other." Several people in front of the Tiger Stove were stunned at first, and then all burst out laughing. The daughter-in-law pointed to the hands of Lei Yinshuang and the little rabbit and said, "Men and women are not close to each other.". I call this'men and women are not close to each other ', what do you call that? Or do you really think of yourself as a boy when you say you look like a boy? Lei Yinshuang rolled his eyes at the daughter-in-law and took the rabbit by the hand. "He's my brother," he said. "Naturally I can touch him, but you can't." Her words made the crowd laugh again. Someone asked her, "Hasn't the rabbit's family been found yet?" Before Lei Yinshuang could answer, Father Zhang said with a smile, "It doesn't matter if I can't find him. Anyway, now the little rabbit has recognized the sledgehammer as his godfath, pushed them straight across the corner of the street, and then let go. Not to mention past lives, even in th in front of him. Lei Yinshuang still couldn't think of anything to say to fight back. "If only I were Third Sister," he said angrily, "I'd stab them to death with a venomous tongue!"! See who dares to laughracticing martial arts every day, he often followed her in a flurry of gestures. However, at that time, the adults in Duck Foot Lane did not take this seriously,interactive panels for education, nor did he tell anyone that he wanted to learn martial arts. It was not until a notice was posted on the street to find the prince of Zhenyuan Hou Mansion and Yao Ye carried the children of Duck Foot Lane on his back to have a secret talk with Little Rabbit that Lei's father formally began to teach him martial arts. Master Yao, on the other hand, was responsible for teaching him. hsdsmartboard.com