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Tibet Code 9 _ He Ma _ txt Novel Paradise

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Master Tashi said, "Then I'll stay so that I can give you a message and see the patients Ami is taking care of." After discussion, Zhuo Mu Qiangba and Lu Jingnan headed for the mother bird. On the way, Lu Jingnan said, "Do you notice anything?" Zhuo Mu Qiangba did not raise his head and kept flying at a high speed. When he paused in the air, he said, "Guo Ri." "Guo Ri?" Said Lu Jingnan? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with him. "I don't know," said Zhuo Mu Qiangba. "I just feel that since we arrived at the Mother Sparrow, there has been a shadow of Guo Ri behind everything. Then, we haven't had peace for a day. This encounter with Mo Jin is really too accidental, now in retrospect, those traces are too obvious, as if deliberately guiding us to approach Mo Jin. "But," said Lu Jingnan, "he has already been expelled by the Sparrow Mother King. What other big waves can arise?" Zhuo Mu Qiangba turned over his wrist and shook his head. "It's not that simple," he said. "Don't forget that Guo Ri has always commanded the army of the Sparrow Mother. He won't disappear without a sound. I always felt that his disappearance was like a trap. Lu Jingnan looked at Zhuo Mu Qiangba with some surprise and said to himself that he had slept for a day and a night, and his thoughts seemed clearer than usual. Yueyang was so tired that when he struggled to get up, he felt a sharp pain all over his body. His arms and legs were twitching involuntarily. It took him a long time to distinguish whether he was alive or dead. The first thing he did after sobering up was to explore Zhang Li's body. He was pleasantly surprised to find that Zhang Li's forehead did not seem to be so hot. He repeatedly touched his forehead and Zhang Li's forehead, but soon he could not tell whether his hands and forehead were hot or Zhang Li's body temperature had dropped. Yueyang felt Zhang Li's breath,ultrasonic handheld welder, held Zhang Li's pulse, and listened to Zhang Li's heartbeat. He grabbed a handful of hay and rubbed it in the palm of his hand. The tingling feeling made him wake up quickly. He was half kneeling, ready to repeat what he had done yesterday. But this time, after a difficult swallow, from the depths of the throat to the tip of the tongue, only a burning pain, no spittle at all. Yueyang motionless,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, so difficult to gather the moisture in his mouth, ten minutes later, he felt Zhang Li seemed to move, Yueyang looked down to see if his legs were numb. He changed his position. Half an hour later, Zhang Li's eyes began to roll and his arm flicked. Yueyang first a happy, then a surprised, hurriedly touched Zhang Li's skin, Zhang Li's skin did not seem to become rough, hard, nails did not grow long, Yueyang was overjoyed. Forty minutes later, Zhang Li opened his eyes, blinked, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic cutting machine, looked at Yueyang's sitting posture, and said, "What are you doing?" Zhang Li woke up! Zhang Li spoke! When the great surprise came, Yueyang did not know whether to cry with joy or laugh out loud with pain, but he did laugh and his eyes were wet. He grabbed Zhang Li by the collar and seemed to be going to pick him up, but in the end he just grabbed the collar and scolded him with a smile: "Bastard!"! I knew you wouldn't die so easily! "Oh, saliva!"! You're drooling in my mouth! Disgusting.. Bah. Bah.. "Get out of the way and let me get up," cried Zhang Li. Yueyang let go of his hand, so excited that he did not know where to put his hand. Zhang Li struggled twice, but failed to get up. He just said, "I seem to be weak all over.." "You lie still," said Yueyang. "You've been in a coma for two days and two nights. You've had a fever and haven't eaten anything." He looked around and suddenly said, "That old Diu, how dare you lie to me!" He went up to the cell of Tsetsu-da-diu and shouted, "Tsetsu-da-diu, Tsetsu- da-ddiu!"! He's awake. What's going on? Isn't it all right? Cijie Dadiu did not have the youthful energy of Yueyang. He was dying at the moment. Yueyang called for a long time before he regained a little consciousness. In the palace of the Sparrow Mother King, Guo Ri stared at Qieba and said, "Why didn't your method work?" But Bagan laughed twice and explained, "Well, this ancient method, when I used it, also happened once.". I guess the poison of the spore doesn't work on that perh here with a large army and make a way to the outside world. Rescued from prison Guo Ri ignored the air stand on his head because of his unusual calmness. Que Ba thought that he regarded human life as worthless, but he could only admit that he could not treat his master or relatives as wood. He cautiously looked at Guo Ri that round head, really can not think of this round head living in what kind of devil,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, is Guo Ri has completely abandoned as a human emotion? At this time, the noise outside was even louder. "What on earth happened?" Guo said angrily. A soldier came in and reported, "a group of rebels are attacking our men." fycgsonic.com