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Tianya College

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"We only take the reward!" The words are firm. Fifth, Ning added discontentedly, "Who knows what perversion is in the third level, and time is not enough." "Go." The individual followed Nangong Yan ran to Mo Xuanyue's side, and Yunying Eucalyptus first took out an elixir to the injured man. There may be a fight later, and more power means more protection, at least not to become a burden. Thank you. I am Leng Han. "Give me one, too. I'm hurt, too." Nangong is not polite to ask for, Nangong Yan ran is also looking at the clouds. Yun Ying Eucalyptus did not speak, and took out two more, giving one to Nangong and Mo Xuanyue. Nangong patted Mo Xuanyue on the back and said proudly, "You should thank me." Mo Xuanyue did not look at Nangong, but said to Yun Keling, "We cooperate and get things according to the number of people." "Good." At the time of their communication, the other two groups had joined up and went into the next room. There was a faint cry of excitement from inside. Let's go in,smartboards for business, too. As soon as I stepped in, I was shocked. The room was full of dazzling magic weapons flying around the room one by one. From time to time, he mischievously passed through the people. Ah-I want that sword! Fifth, Ning grabbed a black sword hovering in the middle of the room. With all his strength, the sword did not move. Another group of people watched the action of the fifth Ning and laughed at it. You really overrated yourself. "Come and help me, I must get it." Nangong Yan ran and Yan Xuanting also flew up to help. The remaining few people on the ground all aimed at their chosen ones and ran after them. This is mine! "Who said that? I took a fancy to it first." The sudden quarrel attracted everyone's attention. It turned out that Feng Xiaolai and a girl had taken a fancy to the same colorful brocade clothes. Yun Ke Ling,75 inch smart board, Yun Ying Eucalyptus and Xuan yuan Hong Hao saw that of course they were duty-bound to put down what they were doing and go to help her. Coco, you help him. The rest of you hurry. Time is running out. Nangong Yan ran said far away, she and Yan Xuanting have left the fifth Ning, is struggling separately. Very good! The companions who wanted to help the girl stopped and turned around. Only one person came over in the girl's charming language, forming a two-to-two situation. It's better to strike first! Yun Keling winked, first freezing the girl, then concentrating on the other one. In this process, there is no one else to help. In a series of attacks, the two men soon lost their mobility and lay on the ground. Of course, the booty came back to Fengxiao. In the following process of collecting treasures, everyone was very careful to avoid fighting. Anyway, smart board for conference room ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, there are so many things. If you want them, I'll give them to you. I'll pick another one. It's just a pity that this magic weapon is also a difficult thing. Just when everyone had taken almost one and was struggling with the second. Time is up! ———————————————— Sorry, this is yesterday's chapter. Today I am working hard. Look at the time and upload it. Chapter 116 Fen Bao. Updated August 5, 2009 17:44:05 Words: 2096 Yun Keling woke up in a daze and found himself in a strange place. Suddenly, his whole body was alert. Look around. There seems to be only one person. Where am I? It seemed that he was still taking the treasure, but suddenly the white light flashed and he fainted. I woke up in this very quiet place. Eucalyptus! Yan Ran! Ning er!.. Let go of the voice to call all the people again, no one respinjured ones were just unable to move, and there was nothing serious about it. It seems that they are tabyrinth passage, there are not many magic weapons left, except for the two magic weapons I just got, I am not familiar with them, and there are very few left. Without paying attention, Yun Keling was hit by a magic weapon. The elder brother also showed a clear expression, but soon,smart board interactive whiteboard, his expression froze, leaving only consternation, which was quickly replaced by ecstasy. It seems that you have a lot of magic weapons. There is a defensive magic weapon. hsdsmartboard.com