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Tianwen _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel Paradise

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Ji Wuhua felt a slight chill in his heart. He had a high estimate of Takeshi Yuecheng for a long time, but he didn't think that Takeshi Yuecheng's skill was still above his expectation. He had been in seclusion for a long time. Naturally, he didn't know that Takeshi Yuecheng had become a four- the later period, and now it is natural that they are no better than the Tiangang beads of Ji Wuhuald seemed to come to life, from division to combination, and once again gathered into a black scale python of seventeen or eighteen Zhangs,micro gear motor, with its mouth spewing flames and winding down. This time Ji Wuhua was not so surprised just now, just received a fanaticism, became very calm, knife light such as colorful practice, firmly held in front of the body, so that Takeshi's black fire of the demon python, no matter how to struggle, can not break through the thunder pool half a step. Two people this fight, the whole eight circle city was attracted attention, but we all know that Ji Wuhua and Yuecheng Takeshi are close, two people are relaxed, then no one came up to intervene, just a lot of layers of onlookers. Ji Wuhua although don't care about winning or losing, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, but under the attention of so many people, also can't help but have a competitive heart, day Gang beads of the knife light, vertical and horizontal maneuver, weather myriad, change more and more subtle mystery, obviously the knife has reached a new level, very close to the level of Ezra pound and Huang Zhong, is about to be able to meet the enemy's self-change realm. Although Takeshi has made great prof the Green Dragon Society. Killed old Huang Zhong. Although it is not yet in trouble. And let him miss. But it can't be helped. Huang Zhong, after all, is a master of the immortal series. Although there are a lot of highly skilled people on his side. But he wanted to kill Huang Zhong, a famous general of the Three Kingdoms. It still needs to be prepared. It seems that there is not enough time! If there is more than ten years of kung fu. There must be something else in the eight circles. But if there is no Qinglong, there will be a lot of pressure. I'm afraid it didn't develop so fast. "Now that the main force of the Green Dragon Society has come,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm," said Takeshi Yuecheng carelessly. We're about to see it. Look what else they have! "" The movement of Takeshi Yuecheng. All the men who can fight in the eight circles of the city have moved. There will be a war with Qinglont this side is different. A shrill voice immediately came from the front of the two armies. "Is that Takeshi Yuecheng?" He shouted? Sister wants to see you for a long time. Why don't you come down. Is it difficult for a man to come? The voice is sharp and high-pitched. Neither male nor female. Takeshi thought for a long time. I didn't figure out which Dynasty was the famous shemale. See ChengTou no answer. The demon cried out again. Although the curse words are not rude enough. But there are many embarrassing claims. Takeshi gradually frowned. I just want to kill this man. ichgearmotor.com