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Localité: Dakoro
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If you fight with him in the land of the devil, there is no doubt that in an instant, the land of the devil will turn to ashes.  And the gap between the real man and the real God.. It's so big that even the difference is not enough to describe. This is outer space, which is called space in the words of the earth. To the realm of God, the temperature, vacuum, plasma and other factors here have been unable to affect him, of course, will not affect the big devil who was born in outer space. In order to protect the land of demons, Ye Wuchen found the real body of the Great Demon King with his powerful soul power, and transferred him to this space with the help of Xiang Xiang's power. He became a real God, and Xiang Xiang also became another God,aluminium edge trim, another true God, and the power of space was many times stronger. Although, Ye Wuchen's current space power is not weaker than Xiang Xiang, but in the face of the big devil, he still tries to save some strength. With you? "Yes, just me." Ye Wuchen raised his eyebrows and smiled wantonly: "Your performance tells me that you, who are timid,stainless steel tile edging, are already afraid. Otherwise, with your evil nature, you would have torn his body with your evil power, but now.." But hesitating whether to fight with you or to persuade me not to stop you. Hey. Cursed creatures that should not exist, do you believe that if I really want to destroy you, it only takes a moment.  The body of the big devil was hit by the golden awn for tens of thousands of meters before it stopped,stainless steel tile edge trim, and his back was imprinted with a very shallow dent, which made his eyes crack. He never dreamed that without the chaotic space of the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor, there was still a force that could hurt him. jecatrims.com