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This is an opportunity

2022-10-24 03:21   Téléphones   Dakoro   1 view

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But this elite sinking demon seems to have no feeling, simply do not pay attention to the skeleton warrior behind, but once again raised the axe blade to cut Tang Fan, look at its appearance, seems to understand that Tang Fan's threat is greater. Retreat.  And these chopping, without much technical content, is purely driven by its own brute force, and the skill is very poor. This is an opportunity. Tang Fan told himself that since he knew that the advantages of the elite were also weak, he should try his best to avoid its advantages and make use of its weaknesses. Retreat again, suddenly sawdust splashes, the elite sinking demon's axe, did not cut Tang Fan, but cut on the front desk table, terrible axe blade like cutting tofu, cut into the table. Seizing the opportunity, the machete thrust, with another sniff, the sharp blade,wire mesh decking, once again left an obvious wound on the body of the elite sinking demon. Once again, the skeleton warrior raised his mace to attack, with a bang, as if beating a drum to cheer. Angrily shouted a few times, the elite sinking demon did not know what to say, suddenly quickly turned around, raised the axe to the head of the skeleton warrior chop. With a clicking sound, the axe blade easily cut off the skeleton of the skeleton warrior, from the shoulder down to the chest, and then,warehouse storage racks, the elite sinking demon turned the axe blade forcefully, and the skeleton of the skeleton warrior fell one by one. In the blink of an eye, a good skeleton warrior turned into a pile of bones and fell to the ground. The skull rolled several times on the ground and hit the wall without moving. Tang Fan only felt a sudden jump between his eyebrows, as if he had suddenly lost something. He understood that the skeleton warrior had been killed, so the spiritual connection with himself had been cut off. Without the Skeleton Warrior, we can only rely on ourselves to fight. The height of this sinking demon is a little shorter for Tang Fan, which limits some of Tang Fan's combat methods, such as sudden short attack and so on. Tang Fan quickly retreated, at the same time glanced at the side, Wang Meng was fighting with two fallen demons. I don't know if it's because there's an elite sinking demon here. The two sinking demons are very brave and fearless of death. They keep chopping with machetes. Wang Meng is following Tang Fan's meaning, dragging them and using the way of wandering. Kill the two little ones first, and then join hands with Wang Meng to kill the big one. In an instant, Tang Fan had a decision, put aside the elite sinking demons, and quickly rushed to the two ordinary sinking demons, hand up and down. The machete taken from the hand of the fallen wizard is absolutely a big killer for ordinary fallen demons. It is easy to break the skin of the fallen demons and cut off their bones. Volume 1: Break out of the tight encirclement and improve the level of 18. Two are chasing Wang Meng very happy sinking demon, completely unexpected that someone else will suddenly attack them, the sharp machete, they can not block at all. With two hisses, Tang Fan quickly turned around and killed the two fallen demons under the machete. Before he could absorb their soul power, warehouse pallet racks ,drive in racking system, the elite fallen demons had sent out an angry roar and rushed up. On the spot a roll, and did not imagine so smoothly, Tang Fan's body suddenly a crooked, fell to the other side, but also just to avoid the charge of the elite sinking demon.  Wang Meng is a little stupefied, this knife but he did his best, ah, originally thought that even if the devil can not be killed, at least let it be seriously injured, did not expect only minor injuries,cantilever racking system, it does not seem to have much impact, son of a bitch, what is this thing. jracking.com