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There is room for a reborn legitimate daughter

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 Cooperation? What cooperation? The prince turned his eyes and looked at Su Huaining. His face was serious, as if he were not the one who molested his sister in front of her brother-in-law. Su Huaining said, "My sister is now your woman, then, we are a family, a family does not speak two words, I will not beat around the Bush, I and brother Ting came to see the prince today, is to cooperate with the prince to open a workshop." "Workshop?" The prince's face was full of surprise. "Do you want to cooperate with me to do business?"? Don't you know that court officials, including princes, are not allowed to do business outside? "It's not a business, it's just a workshop, a workshop for casting weapons." Su Huaining stared at him unfathomably, but the words that came out of his mouth shocked the prince's eyes. "Are you going to cast weapons for the court?" "Not for the court,die cast light housing, but for the prince." Su Huaining clenched the word'prince '. Casting weapons for the court, the two princes who held a small half of the military power in their hands were going to take advantage of it, and she didn't want to take advantage of her enemies. She cooperated with the prince to cast weapons, mainly for her sister, hoping that after her sister had this workshop, her position in the heart of the prince could be higher, and that people could not be underestimated, and that she could not easily harm her sister. The prince's eyes shot out of surprise, but soon he thought of something and asked in shock,die casting parts, "When you say casting weapons, do you mean the casting technique of the Wen family?" The technology of casting weapons of the Wen family ranked first in the whole Nanfeng Kingdom. The destruction of the Wen family also made the court of Nanfeng Kingdom lose a lot. Until now, the emperor occasionally mentioned the 50,000 weapons that the Wen family provided to the court free of charge every year, which saved the court a lot of money. Chapter 483 escort. After the Wen family was exterminated, the court also did not have this welfare, in recent years, in order to buy weapons for the soldiers, the court also spent a lot of money. It's just a pity that the people of the Wen family were destroyed cleanly, and even an heir could not stay. Moreover, after the Wen family was destroyed, the craftsmen of the Wen family also disappeared at the first time. No matter how the court sent people to look for them, they could not be found. And the only granddaughter of the Wen family, that year, Su Huaiyu was only five years old, Su Huaining was only two years old, even Wen Shi, at that time was only a dying sick seedling. The court also secretly sent someone to monitor Wen Shi, CNC machining parts ,non standard fasteners, but unfortunately, Wen Shi has never revealed that she has the appearance of casting sword drawings. Later, the court also rested its mind, and the matter was not settled. But today, Su Huaining told him that she had the drawings of casting weapons in her hand and wanted to cooperate with him. The prince's face was full of surprise. "How do you want to cooperate?" Su Huaining had a well-thought-out plan and said with a smile, "This workshop is for me and my sister to open together. My sister and I are women, so we can't come forward to take care of this workshop, but we don't have anyone available, so we can only find someone to cooperate." "Your Highness and Brother Ting, as the husbands of my sister and me, we should put aside outsiders and find you two to cooperate." "Brother Ting sent someone to take charge of the operation of the workshop, in return, Brother Ting will get 20% of the workshop's income every year, and your Highness here." In the first two years after the opening of the workshop, our sisters will provide twenty thousand weapons for the prince every year. In the third year, we will provide fifty thousand weapons for the prince. What we need the prince to do is to escort our sisters' workshop and not let people come and occupy it. ” The workshop for casting weapons is more attractive  Prince seemed to see her mind, he pondered half ring, seriously said to her, "I am serious about Yuer's mind, even if you do not find me to cooperate, I will be good to her in this life, of course,metal stamping parts, you find me to cooperate, I am also very happy, this means that you recognize my brother-in-law." autoparts-dx.com

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