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The world of good and evil

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Bai Chen was worried about the injury of the grass. At the same time, after he fought with Shui Ji, Shui Ji's strength was able to hit his entity through the war magic armor, which shocked him to the extreme. For a moment, he only felt the surge of Qi and blood, knowing that he had suffered internal injuries and needed to breathe back. Whether it is true or false that Shuiji's so-called "Demon Finger" can liquefy blood into clear water, we should not take it lightly. If we can't drive the strength of the other party's "Demon Finger" out of the body, it will not be a long-term solution. But at the same time, he thought that Xuanyuan Fengtian had been poisoned, and he must not ignore it. He immediately said, "Brother Xuanyuan, it is not suitable to stay here for a long time. We'd better choose a quiet place to help Brother Xuanyuan drive the poison out of his body." Xuanyuan Fengtian laughed and said, "Actually, I haven't been poisoned at all. That woman is full of tricks. How can I really believe her?"? Xuanyi will never be fooled by her! I held my breath before I opened the porcelain bottle. The reason why I didn't break it was that I just wanted her to have the heart of underestimating the enemy and win by surprise! When Bai Chen heard him say this, he was immediately relieved and said cheerfully, "That's all right." He knew very well that Xiaocao wanted to kill Shuixiaoxiao, and with the character of Xuanyuan Fengtian, since Shuixiaoxiao helped him, he certainly did not want to see her killed in front of him. In order to avoid the embarrassment of Xuanyuan Fengtian, Bai Chen said, "Let's leave first. Brother Xuanyuan should leave earlier." Xuanyuan Fengtian nodded and watched Bai Chen and the grass leave. Instead of leaving, he chose a rock in situ and sat on it. His knife was beside him, within reach. Shui Xiao looked at him with a smile and said for a long time,Vending Machine Motor, "Actually, you have been poisoned, haven't you?" Xuanyuan Fengtian still cast his eyes on Chaohu Lake with an indifferent expression: "What does this have to do with you?" Shuixiaoxiao was not angry. She said, "You told Bai Chen that you were not poisoned, just because you didn't want to involve him.". Now you just want to be able to fight with my master before the poison, don't you? Xuanyuan Fengtian raised his eyebrows and kept silent. Shuixiao sighed with a smile and said, "It's a pity that you can't have such a chance. No one can solve the strange poison of the aquarium. Why should she fight with you again?" Of course, Xuanyuan Fengtian understood that what she said was not unreasonable,Micro Gear Motor, but he had only three hours to live. For three hours, what else could he do but wait? "Actually, I have a way to save you, but I don't know if you would like to accept it," said Shuixiaoxiao solemnly. Is there anyone in the world who doesn't want others to save his life? But Xuanyuan Fengtian said without hesitation, "I don't want to." Shuihu smiled, and her smile told Xuanyuan Fengtian that she had expected him to answer like this. At the same time, she also has enough confidence to convince Xuanyuan Fengtian. She smiled and said, "It turns out that the emperor of indomitable spirit is also afraid." Xuanyuan Fengtian sneered disdainfully. Shuixiao laughed and said slowly, "You're afraid of my favor, aren't you?" Xuanyuan Fengtian's eyes flashed. It took Bai Chen a full half an hour to melt the spirit of "robbing the devil's finger" in his body. He heaved a sigh of relief and slowly opened his eyes. With a lingering fear in his heart, he thought, "If it weren't for the armor to protect my body, I'm afraid I wouldn't be spared.". This armor is very strange, not only invulnerable, but also has many magical wonders. When I woke up to find myself lying in a sarcophagus wearing this armor, Brushless Gear Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, I also felt that all my injuries had healed, and what was even more incredible was that my body's strength had soared! Although Bai Chen also felt that this was too strange, he had a deep hatred, but his martial arts were so low that he could not get revenge. Now his skill suddenly soared, and he was naturally more happy than surprised. At this moment, he and the grass are in an inn. When he first entered the inn, Bai Chen found that the waiter in the inn was frightened and uneasy when he saw him. Although he was surprs present cultivation, even when he is already injured, his skill is still extraordinary. When a powerful forcent. His face was as white as paper, and his mouth was wide open, but he could not spit out pulling out the abacus. The waiter who had sent Bai Chen his robe went in with a flustered look. The shopkeeper looked up at him and drew a stroke on the account book. Then he said, "Have you sent the clothes to the guest officer?" "I sent it." The fellow's nasal voice was very heavy,24v Gear Motor, and he spoke in a loud voice. He hesitated for a moment and said, "Boss, I think we'd better report to the officer." "Report to the officer?" The shopkeeper was slightly stunned and asked in reply. ichgearmotor.com