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The Phantom of the Other World

2022-10-24 03:38   Ordinateurs   Dakoro   1 view

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Yi Feng did not expect the dementor to pose much threat to them, but it was enough for them to stop joining hands against his pressure, and the Phantom Body was brought into full play.  Yi Feng's slender tiger sword is waving faster and faster, and he knows the preciousness of time better than anyone else for only one hour. If you want to live, you must kill these four people in another hour. However, three ghosts and one mother compatriots, although there is a sense of combat to suppress part of their strength, but the art of joint attack Yi Feng can not do anything about them. On the contrary, under their attack, there are many dangers. Dang.. Yi Feng blocked the big ghost's mace, and the huge power made the void show cracks. The little devil also did not miss this opportunity,Adhesive fish ruler, toward the side of Yi Feng straight hit to come over. The harsh sound of breaking the air told Yi Feng that if the mace was hit, he would lose half his life. Sniff.. The little devil's sword pierced the place where Yi Feng stood, and the shadow left by Yi Feng fell apart. "Grass.." The little devil saw that his sword was dodged by Yi Feng again, and he couldn't help cursing. Yi Feng's speed is too fast, even with the three of them can't kill Yi Feng, three ghosts now understand why Anyi surrounded them with thousands of soldiers, in order to prevent Yi Feng from escaping. Without the thousands of soldiers,Diameter tape measure, with the speed of Yi Feng alone, they are not sure to leave Yi Feng. The three ghosts feel the stagnation of fighting spirit in their bodies, and they also have helplessness in their eyes. They never thought that anyone could rely solely on pressure to limit their strength. But now it's all happening. At this time, although Yi Feng's strength is still inferior to theirs, he can barely level it by relying on his speed. Had it not been for just one of them against Yi Feng, I'm afraid it would have been a bad luck. But even three people, in the short term also helpless Yi Feng! The three ghosts looked at each other and saw caution in each other's eyes. The mace in the hands of the three people waved fiercely. In a very strange way, the breath of the three people was intertwined again. Yi Feng saw three people like this, the heart is also a surprise, how can Yi Feng, who has suffered a great loss from them, let their breath entangle again, he did not want to, instant display. Go to hell Yi Feng stabbed the little devil with a sword, Fish measuring board ,Walking measuring wheel, trying to interrupt their big move. The little devil felt the sharp sword coming straight at him. He snorted and separated himself from the breath of the three men.   Unprepared, the little devil was beaten into a serious injury by him, can live or two say? Yi Feng doesn't care about the eyes of the two ghosts, he has not used the starburst world, is to kill, otherwise with their joint efforts, even if the starburst world is useless, can't play the role of killing, after the drug effect has passed,Fiberglass tape measure, waiting for death is him and the three princes. Your Excellency, good means! Said the big ghost sullenly. I'm flattered! Yi Feng said lightly, "it's my regret that he's not dead yet!" tapemeasure.net