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The Fat Wife of the Reborn Military Marriage Turned Over

2022-10-24 03:28   Téléphones   Dakoro   2 views

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Zhu Hai-mei frowned and said, "She's in such a bad mood. How dare Wei Tang restrain her like that?" Her heart surmises secretly, always cry can be good, won't be to get what depressed disease and so on! "Director Cheng was also very angry and took Xiaoyu home.".   "Why don't I go with you and see her?" Asked Zhu Haimei. Xiao Yang quickly nodded: "Well, Mei Zijie, you speak better than me, when the time comes you persuade Xiaoyu, don't let her like this.". You see, you are fat when you are pregnant now. You don't know that she is so thin except for her belly. "Let's stop drinking and go to her house first." Zhu Haimei said that she guessed that in view of the current situation, Xiaoyu might also suffer from depression, so she had to adjust quickly, otherwise it would be more serious after giving birth to a child. Just as they were about to leave, Xiao Yang winked at her. "Here comes the beautiful landlady." Zhu Haimei turned her head and saw that Chang San was wearing a milky white cardigan sweater with a silver-red slim dress inside. She was sexy,Ozone generator ceramic plate, beautiful and enchanting. She was still wearing this in her own shop. What was she doing. She had an ebony tea tray in her hand, a medium glass pot on it, and three cups, and she came over, with the background of the coffee shop, like a figure coming out of a painting. It was obvious that she was walking towards them. Two meters away, she smiled and said softly, "You two really haven't been here for a long time. Last time you came here,ceramic bobbin heater core, you didn't notice that this tea is jasmine honey from Russia. It's sweet and delicious. Even if you are pregnant, it doesn't matter." The latter words were obviously said to Zhu Haimei, and she immediately felt flattered. Chang San put down the tea tray and made a stool himself. "Don't mind if I sit here." Zhu Haimei and Xiao Yang immediately said, "I don't mind." Chang San stretched out his hand and poured tea for them. The ring finger on his left hand was wearing a big ruby ring, which made her hand more and more white. The beauty of Chang San lies not only in his appearance, but also in his actions. Xiao Yang's temperament is also very good, because the living environment since childhood is different, the temperament she brings out is the kind of dignified and generous. But Chang San's temperament is elegant, which makes people look graceful. She poured tea for Zhu Haimei and Xiao Yang, and poured it herself, and took a sip first. Zhu Haimei took a sip of the tea and exclaimed, "It's really fragrant." The tea was really good, with the strong fragrance of jasmine and the sweet and mellow feeling of honey. However, she didn't dare to drink more tea. She put it down and said, "Last time you came here, Kamado bbq grill ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, you sent us something. This time you sent it again. If you send it again next time, won't we be embarrassed to come here again?" Chang Sanqing sighed, "I opened this cafe not to make money, but to make more friends."  Our Mei Zijie is very busy all day, so naturally she will not know." In line with Xiao Yang's words, Zhu Haimei said, "We really don't know,7g Ozone Generator, but it seems that you are closer to him than we are. How can you not know his whereabouts?" With a little sadness on his face, Chang San said, "We went to a meeting two days ago and had a quarrel.". Can you give him a call for me and ask him to come? global-ceramics.com