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Teenager, you are destined to lack me.

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"I'm not talking about that!" The girl's cheeks bulged and her cheeks turned slightly red. In fact, she didn't know how to describe her mood at the moment. "I won't tell you. I'll go back to my room first." Ba yuan stretched out his hand and smoothed the short hair on her head. "Good, good.". I'll send you the fruit bowl later. "Oh, mom," the girl escaped from her clutches. "The hairstyle is out of order." Ba yuan laughed and didn't take it seriously, thinking that she was letting people into her room casually, and that the girl was in a bad temper with her. Guo Nan smoothed the dull hair on his head, took a deep breath, and turned to his room. It's a lie to say you're not nervous. Although the four of them grew up together, they didn't really spend much time alone. Especially after high school, two people are not in the same class, Guo Nan is also looking for some time when he is alone, and he said a few words, secretly draw a few sketches for him. Sketch?.. "My God." Suddenly thought of what to cross the south, took to his heels and ran to the room. When Ba yuan heard the noise in the kitchen,Automated warehouse systems, he muttered to himself, "Why is this child so nervous today?" Over there, "Kuang" broke into the door. Can “Surprise~” Zhao Sheng sat on the desk by the window with his back to her. This Surprise is not what he said. The fellow who spoke was lying on Guo Nan's bed, grinning, "Little rice crust,heavy duty cantilever racks, you're back at last." It's the Chu River. Guo Nan's mood, which had just burned to the top of his head, was instantly drenched by a basin of cold water. The expression obviously changed from excitement to disgust: "Uncle Chu, why are you here?" "Come and borrow your winter vacation homework.". Didn't aunt tell you just now? "I didn't say." I didn't say that. Her mother didn't mention a word that the Chu River was still there. She thought he was gone.. ... Made her look forward to it in vain. “ I didn't say you should have guessed! Chu River put down the magazine at hand and jumped out of bed. "Don't I come here every year at this time?"? It's rare that I bumped into Xiaosheng so coincidentally this time. "My first time." The man by the window retorted him lightly. With his back out, he couldn't see, but his face was red. Always feel.. This kind of thing is hard to say. Three people have different minds. Guo Nan looked at the two men in front of him and said, "Do you all come in groups to copy your homework?" He talked to them and scanned the A3 sketchbook on the drawing board clip in the corner. The location hasn't changed. No one should have moved it. She pretended to be calm and went there, took off the sketch book and stuffed it into the drawer under the bookcase. That's a relief. You can't let anyone see what's inside. Especially when the parties are still present. She adjusted her mood, then turned to Zhao Sheng and whispered, "Where is your winter vacation homework?"? Let me see how much I have written. Zhao Sheng nodded and got up. All of a sudden, the tall man of 1.9 meters blocked half of the sunshine in front of the window. His hands are as beautiful as ever. When he handed the book over, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,metal racking systems, his thumb was on the cover and his forefinger was on the spine. The fingers are long, the neat joints are white, and they are suffused with light blue. In the first class of the previous extra-curricular sketch interest class, the first topic the teacher gave them was "one of their favorite parts of the human body." Guo Nan's painting is the hand. Anyone who has been familiar with Nan knows that she is hand-controlled. And Zhao Sheng's hands are the most beautiful hands she has ever seen. Chu River shouted in the back: "I don't need tutoring, just copy it directly.". I know all these topics. Guo Nan glared at him. "Wait." Then he opened the exercise book handed by Zhao Sheng.   When Ba yuan came in with a fruit bowl, Guo Nan was sitting opposite Zhao Sheng, helping him classify the same type of topics in his winter vacation homework, and choosing a representative of each to tell him. When asked if he understood, he nodded. Asked if he needed to say it again,radio shuttle racking, he nodded. Then Guo Nan patiently told him again. As for other topics of the same type.. Just copy it. Otherwise, in four days, he will never finish it. Chu River is a man squatting in the corner where no one cares. kingmoreracking.com