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Swift topped the sales chart last year.

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From the beginning of the awards ceremony, Lee Jun-yi and Lim Yuna attended the red carpet together in a high-profile manner.   This is the first time that everyone has seen how sweet the words "the person on the right hand" are. It is a picture of sharing the wind and rain, helping each other in the same boat, and holding your hand. The touch brought by the light warmth lingers in my heart. The rising sun of 2011 is coming slowly in the midst of this excitement. Li Junyi and Lin Yuner connected each other by telephone and welcomed the first sunrise in 2011. Although they could not hold each other's hands tightly and snuggle up to each other, just the sound of each other's breathing in their ears, their hearts were connected,heavy duty metal racks, which was enough. The "secret Hua garden", which swept thousands of troops in the year-end awards ceremony, also entered the end of broadcasting in 2011, and history was sensationally born on the eve of the arrival of the Lunar New Year. In South Korea, the "secret Hua park" is setting a record, and in the world, as the clock dials into 2o11,mobile racking systems, the year-end statistics of 2o10 are all out, and in all the lists, Lee Jun-yi's name is particularly dazzling. In the whole year of 2o10, Li Junyi had five works, one English album and four movies, which realized the full development of music and movies. In terms of music, "apo1ogize" was not only the top-selling album in the United States in 2100, but also the highest-selling album in the United States in a decade after 2100, with 8310000. One of Li Junyi's albums is better than the second Amy? Num Third place country trio pre-war nv God (Lady. Antebe11um's two albums together have sold more than that, which is amazing. Little diva Taylor? Swift topped the sales chart last year. This year, because of the late release of the album, shuttle rack system ,shuttle rack system, it finally ranked fourth. Even so, Tyler? Swift also set a record. Since her debut in 2oo7, she has been in the top 10 of the year-end sales list for four consecutive years, and is definitely the strongest newcomer in recent years. And Li Junyi's disciple, Justin? Bieber's album grabbed the fifth place in the year-end sales list. The two singers of "Yi Family" both entered the chart and achieved remarkable results.  Among the films released in North America in 2010, there were about 130 films with a box office of more than 10 million yuan,heavy duty rack manufacturers, of which 30 films with a box office of more than 100 million yuan. Among the 130 films, "Inception" topped the year-end box office in North America in 2o10 with a box office of 510000000 US dollars, beating the highly praised "Toy Story 3". jracking.com