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Super Soldier King

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Ye Qian shook his head helplessly and said "Well well Dad will take you there" However you have to promise dad when the time comes don't mess up and don't say anything do you know Otherwise I'll never take you out again "Thank you Dad!" Ye Lin grinned and said Qin Yue gave Ye Qian a helpless look and said "You the child is still so young What are you going to do with her Really I've never seen Petrochemicals you do this" With a smile Ye Qian said "Don't worry it will be all right" People's fate is doomed since this little girl wants to take this rer the future is a blessing or a curse it is up to her to bear Driving away from the villa Ye Qian drove straight to the place where he had made an appointment with lawyer Yang Before long we arrived at our destination and saw lawyer Yang waiting outside the hotel from a distance After parking the car Ye Qian and the little girl Ye Lin got out of the car Lawyer Yang hurriedly went up to meet him and said "Mr Ye you're here I'm sorry to delay your business" Turning to see the little girl Ye Lin lawyer Yang was stunned for a moment such an important and dangerous thing how did Ye Qian bring a child here Ye Qian smiled faintly and said "I should say I'm sorry I had dinner with my wife and children just now so I'm sorry" I often run outside and seldom have time to stay at home so I come here after dinner with them which makes you wait fosay However this is not something he can manage or smiled and praised Ye Lin The little girl smiled and grinned "Hello uncle" The little girl's eyes were very narrow obviously not really saying hello The little girl has a lot of ghost ideas If she is not careful China Chemicals Suppliers she can easily be fooled by her Moreover she also learned to read the mind with Xie Fei and naturally she is better at grasping a person's heart Come on let'st waved his hand slightly and motioned them to sit down After eating a mouthful the middle-aged man raised his head glanced at Ye Qian and them and his expression was slightly stupefied Obviously surprised how to bring a little girl to come over but also did not think much today's main purpose is to let lawyer Yang they all move out in that case the project can continue to develop Lawyer Yang is the representative of that group of people As long as lawyer Yang agrees the matter will be done For Ding Ye this kind of thing is just a trivial matter he does not believe that they do not give them no face 'What's The matter And brought someone to negotiate with me Ding Ye smiled faintly and said Worthy of being a big brother the strong domineering power revealed all over the body still makes people feel a little unbearable However Plant Extracts in front of Ye Qian the other side is just a small potato naturally will not put in the eye (To be continued) wwwdxsxscom Chapter 2093 face Ye Qian is very casual pick up the chopsticks to pick up the things in the hot pot and eat them This scene let Ding Ye can not help but be stupefied for a moment in the rivers and lakes for so long dare in front of his Ding Ye so only one Ye Qian With a cold snort Master Ding said "Brother you are not polite at all" Faint smile Ye Qian also did not speak turned to look at lawyer Yang motioned him to say to Ding Ye With Ye Qian here lawyer Yang has a lot of confidence and he doesn't have much scruples in his heart He nodded slightly Lawyer Yang turned to look at Ding Ye and said "Ding Ye I came here today to discuss with you about the compensation for demolition" I don't know what the relationship between you and the developer is but the price is too low which is hard for us to accept Ding Ye we do not want to pit developers but at least we should give us a suitable price a market price you say Ding Ye's eyebrows slightly wrinkled before seeing lawyer Yang he always looked very afraid of his own appearance but today is a little afraid of the expression is not this can not help but let Ding Ye some curiosity Who on earth gave him so much confidence Ding Ye could not help turning his eyes to Ye Qian Unfortunately his debut is very late but also in recent years Ye Qian did not know him at all globalchemmall.com

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