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And they do not feel that Ye Tao is a teacher, there is nothing to be ashamed of, after all, each of them is very clear in their hearts, Ye Tao's future is not comparable to them at all, it can be said that now do not say that Ye Tao is a teacher, even for the disciple Sun, they are willing, although this is not with the three gods to learn, since Ye Tao as their apprentice, What difference does it make. !@# Chapter 447 of the main text. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: July 25, 2012 23:22:22 Number of words in this chapter: 8025 Chapter 447 formation. At this moment, the eight great masters are all excited to look at Ye Tao and wait for the latter to open his mouth, and more than a thousand pairs of eyes behind the eight great masters are also looking at Ye Tao with a trace of fanaticism. Ye Tao looked at the crowd with an unchanged face and smiled at Huo Qingfeng beside him, "Brother, let the ceremony begin." When Huo Qingfeng heard this, he said with a trace of entanglement, "Brother Ye, do you want to accept me as a disciple?" "And me, Brother Ye." Song night line also hurriedly interface way. Ye Tao took a funny look at the two men and said, "Two elder brothers, I have already said that you can come over if you have anything to do in the future. Even if I refine utensils or medicines, you are welcome to watch at any time. Isn't that good? Well, brother Qingfeng, let's start." Although Ye Tao once wanted to accept two people as disciples, but think about it, after all,temperature screening kiosk, no matter where he needs some friends, if this goes on, he simply has no object to discuss, this is not the result he wants. Huo Qingfeng shook his head with a wry smile and said, "All right." After saying that, his face straightened, he took a deep breath, and said in a deep voice to the bottom, "The ceremony is just beginning." Although his voice was not loud, it was clearly heard by tens of thousands of people in the scene. As his voice fell,face recognition identification, more than 800 people below Ye Tao, all holding a cup of tea, knelt down and raised their hands, "Master, please drink tea." Ye Tao smiled, his palm immediately moved, and suddenly the teacup in Fang Jinglong's hand flew into Ye Tao's hand, and he took a sip. Fang Jinglong then bowed down with a solemn face, knocking his forehead on the ground with a bang, and said respectfully in his mouth, "Knock on the master." When he had had enough of kowtowing three times and worshipping nine times, Ye Tao waved his hand gently, threw a red envelope in the past, and said lightly, "Get up." "It's the master." Fang Jinglong answered and stood aside, followed by Zhang Tieshan. It took more than four hours. The ceremony was over, and then the representative masters came to Ye Tao's side and congratulated him with one voice, "Congratulations to Master Ye for receiving so many good disciples." When they talked about so many good apprentices, their hearts were also entangled. Since ancient times, outdoor digital signage displays ,temperature check kiosk, no one had received so many apprentices at one time. Ye Tao was naturally too lazy to pay attention to what he thought. He smiled and responded with folded fists, "Thank you, thank you." This time, it took another seven or eight hours for the ceremony to end, and Ye Tao made another windfall. In the days that followed, Ye Tao's life officially returned to calm. His daily task was either to practice Dan occasionally or to practice instruments, or to go to the array guild to discuss with Zhao Hongming the way of array, which was Ye Tao's last task. After completing this task, he could leave the space at any time. However, according to Ye Tao's idea, he naturally did not want to leave this space so early, after all, the speed of acquisition of spar here is far less than that of the outside world. So after another three months, Ye Tao leocking, as if it had exploded in Ye Tao's ears. And Ye Tao also has a kind of heaven and earth upside down, such as in a drunken dream, so that his mind back and forth vibration, feeling is extremely terrible, even according to his nature, but also the scalp tingling, extremely want to open their eyes. The real is illusory, and there is no need to pay attention to it. Ye Tao raised his breath to concentrate, eliminated distracting thoughts,facial recognition thermometer, secretly warned himself in his heart, kept his mind empty, and went on with his feelings. That's about how long it's been. hsdtouch.com