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Sucker rod pump classification

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Sucker rod pumps include a wide range of methods used to increase oil recovery. Since classifications have varied significantly over the years mainly due to the development of new technologies, the first step in this research is to include a new classification of sucker rod pumps that includes all the new technological developments that fall under this category.

Beam rod pumping

The beam rod A valve bonnet acts as a cover on the valve body. It is commonly semi-permanently screwed into the valve body or bolted onto it. During the manufacture of the valve, the internal parts are put into the body and then the bonnet is attached to hold everything together inside. To access internal parts of a valve, a user would take off the bonnet, usually for maintenance. Many valves do not have bonnets; for example, plug valves usually do not have bonnets. Many ball valves do not have bonnets since the valve body is put together in a different style, such as being screwed together at the middle of the valve body.The Downhole Motor is driven via fluid pumped into the motor, which then turns it into a mechanical rotary motion through the form of a rotor. This rotary motion is applied to a Drill Bit (either PCD or impregnated diamond) and attached to the end of the motor to cut into the formation being drilled.

The direction of the motor can be determined by a “bent sub”. These subs can be fitted to the DHM to adjust the “angle” of the motor and how fast it can turn within the hole.



Pieces of both static and rotating oil production equipment are commonly used across every corner of the entire hydrocarbons industry, regardless of whether you are considering upstream, midstream, or downstream. Static equipment covers a larger percentage of the current global market, consisting of everything from valves and heat exchangers to furnaces and boilers. Rotating equipment covers a smaller percentage of the current global market, consisting of everything from compressors and turbines to pumps.The pumping unit is the mechanism that converts the rotary motion of the prime mover into the reciprocating vertical movement required at the polished rod. Most types of pumping units utilize a walking beam, inherited from the days of the cable-tool drilling rigs. Beam-type sucker rod pumping units are basically a four-bar mechanical linkage, the main elements of which are:

1. The crank arm, which rotates with the slow-speed shaft of the gear reducer,

2. The pitman, which connects the crank arm to the walking beam,

3. The portion of the walking beam from the equalizer bearing to the center bearing, and

4. The fixed distance between the saddle bearing and the crankshaft.