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Silly Xiaoqing

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Gu Xiaoqing did not know how long he stood, as if time and space had solidified at that moment, she seemed to be in samadhi, two people separated by a short distance, but she was difficult, a step can not go out. After a long time, Gu Xiaoqing finally did not disturb Ou Linyu, turned around and opened the door and went out. Fingers slipped from the door handle one by one, and as the door closed gently behind him, the lingering sound of the music stopped in his ears. Gu Xiaoqing did not look back and stepped out. The wide and deep corridor was silent, only her footsteps made a "rustling" sound, and Gu Xiaoqing's ears echoed with the song "I love you, how clear and strong faith." "Lin Yu, you are my faith, but who is your faith?" Tears finally came to her eyes. After going to work the next day, Gu Xiaoqing asked Zhang Yaoyang for a chance to go on a business trip. Three days later, she flew to Hainan alone. When the plane roared and took her into the blue sky, Gu Xiaoqing leaned back in the chair behind her and closed her eyes tightly: "It's all over. That magnificent dream of youth." For Gu Xiaoqing's departure,uns s31803 sheet, Ou Linyu clearly knew that he would not adapt for a period of time. When one day he came home from work and opened the door, he saw a lonely key on the shoe cabinet. He stood in front of the key for a long time. Then he looked around the house. Sure enough, Gu Xiaoqing cleaned up all the traces of her life here. At that moment, he stood in the empty living room and looked around blankly. At a loss, a dull pain began to hit his heart. For the first time, he found the room so empty and cold. He slowly sat down on the sofa and began to take a serious look at himself for the first time. Ou Linyu knew that Gu Xiaoqing was special, and that no woman could make herself feel as warm and clean as she did. Before being with Gu Xiaoqing,x56 line pipe, Ou Linyu was not a virgin. Although his desire in that respect was relatively weak, as long as he was a man, there was always a need. In the past, every time he got a moment on a woman, it was immediately followed by a dirty sense of self-loathing. Often at this time, he would jump up and rush into the bathroom to take a bath. Only Gu Xiaoqing, only this woman let him get salvation. Ou Linyu himself knew very well that Wu Yueqing had never had any love for him, and that all her passion and love had long been given to other men. Only when he entered adolescence, the first soul-stirring heart made him obsessed until now. His grandmother was right. Both of them believed that they would die and never look back. Wu Yueqing had a long and bitter unrequited love for him, but he was never the person in her story. When Yan Chenyi appeared in the ward with Yan Xi, he knew that Wu Yueqing had no love for him in this life. The moment he understood, his heart was not very sad, but suddenly there was a feeling of relief. Ou Linyu is still living as usual, x70 line pipe ,uns c68700, from the appearance can not see any difference between him and peacetime. Only he knew that there was something wrong with him. He began to suffer from severe insomnia. Although he tried to control it, the amount of sleeping pills could not be reduced. He clearly knew that this time he was not for Wu Yueqing's insomnia, but for the body he had been used to, the thin and quiet girl who always endured him silently. The new driver is an old driver who drives well and doesn't talk much. Ou Linyu always sits in the back and looks at the driver, but the steering wheel has been replaced by a strong and powerful hand of a man in the prime of life, with blue veins on the palm and thick and powerful palms. Ou Linyu saw a pair of hands with slender knuckles, without any ornaments, not very white, but clean. When the girl said she didn't have a birthday, a wave of sadness came over him and he turned his head out of the window. In September, the temperature in Hainan was still very high, and the temperature difference with C city was nearly 10 degrees. Gu Xiaoqing took off her coat when she got off the plane. Fortunately, she was prepared to wear only a short-sleeved shirt inside. As soon as she got her luggage and walked out of the safe passage, Gu Xiaoqing was greeted by a rather frightening scene. A pregnant woman with a belly out of proportion to her figure swooped toward her. The pregnant woman was followed by a tall and handsome man, who was holding her in the back. The expression on her face was panicked and she shouted in her mouth: "Ancestor, s. Gu Xiaoqing asked Li Zhe steadily, "I said, are you going to give birth soon?"? Why such a big belly? Li Zhe's face was a little swollen because of her pregnancy, but her arms and legs were still thin. She wipet lunch time, Li Zhe and his wife planned to take Gu Xiaoqing to dinner first. Two women crowded in the back seat of the car, Li Zhe kept saying, Gu Xiaoqing did not pay attention, she carefully reached out to touch Li Zhe's stomach, hot, very soft,316 stainless steel plate, suddenly she felt something wriggling below, she was startled, frightened to withdraw her hand. A loud voice came from Li Zhe: "Where do you live? Do you hear me?"