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Sick pet

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Xiaoqing can be sure that these people are not good. Do you want to help them? If you help them, it may harm the rabbit. If you don't help them, although they smile at themselves, the threat in their eyes is obvious. At the thought of Jane Zhengyang, the rabbit is lucky to find such a good husband, Xiaoqing's heart suddenly unbalanced, "I haven't contacted her for almost a year, I don't know if she has changed her phone number, I can try, but I don't know if she will come out, to be honest, we are not very familiar with each other, and there were some disputes a year ago." So I haven't been in touch for a long time. In order not to make trouble for herself, Xiaoqing first gave the two men a preventive injection. The tall man smiled. "It's natural. As long as you help us, whether his wife comes out or not, we will express our gratitude. Don't worry, we won't embarrass you." Hearing this,  restaurant near her home in a few days. OK Hearing Xiao Qing say so, the tall man's eyes flashed a faint light, "Xiao Qing is it, don't mind if I call you that, ha ha, why don't you do us a favor?" …… When Jane Zhengyang came home, the little rabbit did not tell him that Xiao Qing had called him. She knew that Jane Zhengyang felt bad about Xiao Qing and took what Jane Zhengyang had bought. "Didn't you say you liked black wool? Why are there white ones? Do you want black and white?" "White is for you." Jian Zhengyang said, "You also use this style, I use black, when we are together, it is a couple scarf." It turned out that the style chosen by Jian Zhengyang was neutral, and both men and women could wear it. This was the reason why he chose this style. It was too much for the rabbit to wear black, so he wanted to make the rabbit white and black himself. Anyway, the style was the same, beam impact tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and it could also be a couple's scarf. Hearing Jian Zhengyang say so, the rabbit is dumbfounding, "the couple's clothes are all the same, OK?" "I don't care, that's a smile, also let him go, began to grope for knitting, I do not know if girls have talent in this area, after a while, small rabbit actually started, began to have a model of a stitch of knitting up. Careful knitting looks particularly attractive, Chien Cheng-yang couldn't help but look crazy, and when the rabbit's body was a little stiff and wanted to change its posture, he smiled at his crazy eyes. "Honey, I'm a little thirsty." I'll get you some water. "Jian Zhengyang helped the rabbit change his position." Would you like to have a rest? " "Don't." Now the rabbit has a feeling that he can't wait to knit the whole scarf immediately, but he can't bear to put it down like this, "I'm not tired yet." "All right, give me a minute." Jian Zhengyang nodded, "I'll pour you water." "Yes." Jian Zhengyang went downstairs, just as Nie Xiaofang was there, looking at him, "I said Xiaoyang, what are those things you just went out to buy?" No wonder Nie Xiaofang is curious about what to buy. Jian Zhengyang carried the water for the rabbit from the kitchen and then answered, "The rabbit said he was bored and wanted to weave a towel." "Oh?"  downstairs to show off to everyone. Originally some embarrassed little rabbit see Jane Zhengyang so like,Cold Drawn Tubes, immediately doubt oneself is not appreciate a problem, otherwise if there is really so bad, Jane Zhengyang how can be so happy. cbiesautomotive.com

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