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Shanshan, come and eat

2022-10-24 04:08   Téléphones   Dakoro   5 views

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Localité: Dakoro
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Cough cough, please welcome the newlyweds to make a grand debut, Dangdang Dangdang (BOSS demeanor is still ah … … Everybody says I am very lovable (bashful appearance) silly still be about the same (sneer at) 5 the disposition of the other side? Just look at his expression, the statue (whispering) The average person should be able to see from her attitude in answering the above questions. When did the two meet? Where? In the hospital, well,pallet rack shelving, should be the company interview (sigh helplessly) 7 first impression of the other party? This who, does not know lets the human be unable to resist bullies (everybody is in an uproar: So early, Shan Shan good happiness … …) What do you like about each other? Well, I don't know. He doesn't seem to have any advantages, but he is tall and straight. It is also correct,push back racking system, I will not say the character of it (in fact, look carefully is quite handsome) all (people: good touched...) What do you hate about each other? Let me eat a month of pork liver (resentful look) is not hate, but some helpless, do not understand the amorous feelings 10 how do you call each other? BOSS don't call me BOSS, we are married (helpless roar) 11 How do you want to be called by each other? As long as he doesn't shout at Xue Shanshan, you are a pig, and other husbands are casual (shouldn't they be married?). If you use animals as a metaphor, what do you think of the other party? Tiger Pig 13 If you want to give a gift to each other, will you give it? Pork liver, let him eat enough, teardrop pallet racking ,asrs warehouse, also taste that taste pork liver, she seems to like to eat (Shanshan gas dizzy 2 seconds) 14 What's your problem? The heart is too soft (otherwise how did not refuse to eat a month of pork liver ah) did not be ruthless, let her understand 15 each other's problems earlier? Let me dare not refuse (natural) what to say and what to listen to (Shanshan: isn't this an advantage) 16 What is the extent of your relationship? This.. Which party first confessed our legitimate (holding Shanshan's hand) 17? Of course he is. What do you think? How much do you like each other? Is willing to eat a month of pork liver for him the kind of (really no ambition) she knows (Shanshan wonder: how much) 19 if the other side is suspected of a change of heart, what would you do? Bite the back horn.. Haha, she, how can (don't look down upon Shanshan) 20 when two people are together, the time when your heart beats faster? He hesitated to speak and every time he hinted, it was a pity that she didn't understand that 21 had quarreled? He ignored me and I ignored her. What kind of quarrel was it? That's me pestering him (rainstorm sweat), that's how to make up after 23? He ignored me and I..  "Hey, hey.." BOSS, don't you think there are only two of us in our family, and there is a lack of excitement? Oh,industrial racking systems, the big eyebrow raised again. "You mean you're bored?" Yes Yes, a little, and the shirt nodded fiercely. Oh It seems to be his fault. Feng nodded his head. But you can make up for it. kingmoreracking.com