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Rogue master II

2022-10-25 01:12   Services   Dakoro   37 views

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Without any accident, Velver's troops continued to advance. Zhang Peng's troops all returned to the main base. His sub-base was completely flattened by Velver in just a few seconds. Big pig! What on earth do you want to do? At this time Guo Xixi's heart is clenched, if in peacetime, if Zhang Peng in her side, she could not help but kick Zhang Peng. But at this time, all the people found that Zhang Peng's arbitrator moved. His two arbiters, split in two directions, flew to Velver's base. Looking at the way he carefully directed the two arbiters, completely on the high ground and in places where the minesweeper could not reach, everyone knew that he was now concentrating all his operations on the two arbiters. Lan and Sun Move gasped when they saw where the two arbiters were circling. "Does he want to..?" Disassemble each other! What Lan and others did not say for a moment was these two words. In the battle of stars, the most This is the war situation described by these two words. When one side can't defend, attack the other side's base with all your strength and fight for both sides! This kind of war situation. To the greatest extent,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, it reflects the cruelty of the battle and the persistent pursuit of victory and unremitting courage of the competitors. However, the average player, is in the case of being forced, will play such a tragic situation. But he has already designed to play this tactic? When did he understand tactics so well? When did he have such a strong understanding and application of high-tech soldiers? It was such an idea that Lan and others were shocked and could not go on. In the midst of the audience's exclamations, Zhang Pengdi's two arbitrators appeared in the mining area of Velve's main base and sub-base in an instant. Instant transfer! Two sudden instant transfers divided all the troops in Zhang Peng's main base into two groups. Moved to Velver's mine in an instant. Velver's two mining areas were all destroyed in an instant! At this moment,Faux cherry blossom tree, Velver also reacted and pulled out part of the SCV from the sub-base. He wanted to escape, but at this time, a transport plane appeared on his SCV escape route, from the transport plane. In addition to the two hidden knives, there was also a lightning soldier made at the beginning. A perfect mind storm, two hidden knives to kill! Velver's batch of SCVs, one And just as Velver was about to command his army to rescue him. Zhang Peng's two arbitrators circled back. It's just that Velver's main force has just returned to its main base, and it's another instant shift! Zhang Peng's troops were all transferred back to their main base, artificial banyan trees ,silk cherry blossom tree, and in an instant they strangled all the Terran troops that Velv was cleaning Zhang Peng's main base there. The arbitration he created in the first place. At this time. Unexpectedly, there is just another instant transfer of energy! "Strong operation!"! Perfect timing! Excellent psychological quality! Stormtrooper! Connect! All are strong! And he's also a player who plays Starcraft with his brain! At this time. Such a voice exploded in Xu Shu's mind. With  of mood she was in now. At this time, all the people saw that Velver played GG. One-nil! In thectually won! At this time, it is only such a sentence that echoes in their hearts. Because at this time, nostem are very clear. In addition to the average strength, Velver is strong in the design and calculation of tactics. Despite the success of a tactical setup, it can not be said that Zhang Peng is better than Velv in this respect, but Zhang Peng's level, compared with his time in the school team trials,silk ficus tree, is already a world of difference. In this battle, even if they lost, Zhang Peng also convinced them to lose. I was right. hacartificialtree.com