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Red-eyed Sword Demon of Online Games

2022-10-24 04:13   Téléphones   Dakoro   42 views

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Localité: Dakoro
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Yanan and Xiaoting began to clean up the battlefield at this time, and after about 15 minutes of fighting, all the monsters had been destroyed by us.  Two hours later.. In the company of the women's volleyball team, two hours passed quickly, we quickly returned to the room, quickly on the game, when a flash of white light, blue light and others have been waiting for a long time, these guys are not afraid of danger. Come on, get out. With a line of nine people once again toward the depths of the Moonlight Cave, through the dense forest in front of a lake. The lake is clear to the bottom, and there are no monsters in it. But it's hard on the shore. I always feel strange here,lamella tube, but there is no reason. Anyway, it's just not good. Swish. Just when I was wondering, after a gust of wind, I saw a 5 injury floating out of my head, and the scary thing was that I didn't know who it was. Must not be a player. It should be a monster. But this monster is not very fast by feeling, that is, it will be invisible. Finally, when the second breeze came, I waved the evil spirit and stabbed it forward, only to see that the evil spirit was bounced back and I was shaken back three steps away. ……” "What's the matter with Zifan?" "Be careful around. This monster is very powerful." I saw Xiaodong just about to wave nine degrees of black ice blade and accompanied by a cry of pain, the whole person immediately flew out. Xiaoting summons the twelve evil spirits of the nether world. "No, the cooling time is still half an hour." Just when we were in fear, Rotating sludge scraper ,Mechanical fine screen, the light skill of the Holy Land of Blue Light suddenly enveloped us, and the magic flower sea of Haijiao also appeared. After two consecutive skills, the monster hit by the magic flower sea suddenly appeared the prototype.  After the attack failed,disc air diffuser, Xiaodong and I began to cross the weapon in front of the rope carefully. But I can't feel the monster's breath at all. Xiaodong, you and the madman get out of here and give me enough space. Xiaodong quickly stepped back with the madman again and again, and the official signboard Mighty Man Four Dishes lay down and uploaded. khnwatertreatment.com