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Qing Dynasty Chuan Sheng Chong Xuan Xue Fei (Chuan Shu) [Entry]

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So the next time, basically is the fourth Master looking at Jiang Jingshu no image, will feed his stomach full, as he is present or not present are the same. After eating and drinking enough, Jiang Jingshu looked at a pair of Danfeng eyes staring at the man she was studying. She wiped her mouth as if nothing had happened. Then she looked at the man with a smile on her face and said, "Sir, my concubine's meals are not elegant. I still think my concubine is actually quite good-looking." When Su Peisheng looked at the fourth Master looking at Jiang Jiage so kindly, his face was already shocked enough, and now he looked at Jiang Jiage talking like this. Somehow, before he could think, he felt that the scene in front of him was too harmonious. It is more harmonious and natural than Fujin and Li Fujin, who have been with me for many years. How to look at it? It is a pair of people. The man is handsome and the woman is beautiful, which is really pleasing to the eye. Su Peisheng lowered his head, originally just secretly suppressed the heart, but did not want this bold Jiang Jia Gege to say this, Ye really replied, but as soon as the words came out, Su Peisheng was surprised to the tongue, do not want to be so stimulating. Sir, what did you say? Jiang Jingshu thought she had misheard. The fourth Master did not seem to feel the woman's surprised expression, but looked at her and said, "In fact, it's really not bad." What do you mean by serious flirtation and affection? This is it. Say it, it is sweet to the bottom of my heart. Jiang Jingshu, a master who has been predicting for a long time, the fourth Master's words, naturally, can't tease her. But in Jiang Jingshu's side to serve the girls,rotary vacuum disc filters, only feel a Wang Chunshui straight to their direction, Ye this is too sweet, this said, the master must be happy into what ah. This also has the wench who comes over in the mansion, before Li side Fu Jin also has the time which is favored, but Ye also has not said so, such praises a woman good-looking. At most, it's just a little more reward, a little more indulgence in words and deeds, that's all. The contrast is too strong. People dare not look,Wall Penstocks, but do not want to, the next thing, or a refresh people's eyeballs. Just when Jiang Jingshu secretly swallowed saliva and felt that the man was mostly changing too fast, the man suddenly got up and went straight in her direction. Jiang Jingshu just said, "Ye is also very handsome," when the man came to Jiang Jingshu's side. As soon as he bent over, he held her in his arms and whispered in her ear, "Tell me, where have you seen me?" The man side moves, the sentiment, side is asking the words. Behave in a very normal manner. But Jiang Jingshu at this moment, no matter how calm, now all'coax 'once, his face turned red, this is the old driver ah, this kind of words are asked out. But was hugged, she moved, also could not move, only looked at the man to hold her to walk from the main room, fine bubble diffuser ,Lamella Plate Settler, her face burning, is very unnatural. Look over the eyes too much, but she will face to the man's arms drill, voice as low as a mosquito, "Ye said this is called what words, concubine can see where Ye.". It's me..   By the way, arrange, arrange what? 'Look At my memory. Don't I want hibiscus candles to bloom? ' Busy with some worries about Di Man Di Huan, hurried down to prepare to go. This end, Jiang Jingshu has been the man's skilled old driver tune,wall penstocks, emotional means, make the blush heartbeat, and finally the mind is on cloud nine by the man into the new house. khnwatertreatment.com