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Profiteer Mo Feifei

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Then comes the most important work: pre-employment training. Mo Feifei's staff lined up, an old bookkeeper, fifteen clerks, eight cooks, four greeters, two cleaning aunts, two customer service personnel,ball valve manufacturer, a total of thirty-two people, respectfully listening to her lecture. They are a little curious about this model and a little looking forward to it. What will the young big boss say to them? Mo Feifei handed out the written staff rules, one for each person, and then began the class. I hope that my employees are a harmonious family, and we should be United and friendly. Our Home Inn will be the largest and most luxurious inn in Beijing after it is opened. Everyone should do a good job. If business is good, I will get more bonuses every month besides wages! First come to a lure, give the jujube and then hit the stick. Sure enough, everyone was in high spirits. The salary given by Murphy was not low,14 tube fitting, plus the bonus, which was terrible. Everyone burst out with a strong idea similar to "follow the boss to the death", which can be felt by Murphy one meter away. However, I must abide by the rules and regulations, and those who violate them will be dismissed. Now I'm going to tell you about the contents of the pamphlet sent to you. If you don't understand, you can interrupt me to ask. "First, the purpose of service: the guest is God.". It means that the guests should be treated with courtesy and respect, and the guests should try their best to meet their demands. If you can't solve it, you can ask the boss to let me find a way to solve it. If I can't solve it, you can sincerely apologize to the guests. "What if he is making unreasonable demands?" Someone asked. There is nothing unreasonable, only what we don't want to deal with. As long as we uphold the belief of serving the guests wholeheartedly, no matter how unreasonable it is, it can be resolved. The crowd nodded their heads to show their understanding. Second, service concept: Smile service. As long as you are in the inn, always keep a smile on your face, even if you have any distress in your heart, stainless steel needle valve ,hydraulic fitting supplier, you should hide it for me, and go home at night to cover yourself with a quilt and cry! Especially when facing the guests, we should speak with restraint and courtesy, not too fast, not too slow. You all learn from me and say, 'My guest, what do you need?' Try. The crowd bared their teeth and said. Shaking his head, the smile was uglier than crying, and by the time Murphy had adjusted one by one to the extent she needed, an hour had passed. Let's go back and practice more in front of the mirror. Let's go on. Each department should do its own job and do your own thing well. If there is anything in my absence, you can let the accountant decide first. Old Zhang, the bookkeeper, nodded to Mo Feifei to show that he understood. The third is the specific rules and regulations, nothing more than go to work on time, do not argue with the guests, do not fight and so on, said that everyone has no doubt. When I get back, everyone has to memorize the employee handbook, and I have to spot check it. Tomorrow I will start training for specific departments, starting with the waiter. Training is a hard work, and we need to prepare materials and guide one by one. If you are slow to react, you have to demonstrate in person. You can't beat or scold. You should respect the trainer in the future. After nearly half a month, Mo Feifei finally ended his work as a guest teacher, which was really physically and mentally exhausted. I believe everyone is the same as Murphy. They have deeply realized that Mo Feifei's money is not easy to earn, in the past those inns, there is no three disciplines and eight points for attention ah. After the training, Mo Feifei gave everyone half a month's paid leave, so that they could have a good rest, and they would be very busy as soon as they opened. And told not to disclose the content of their training (big barrel) he had designed, called a worker to take a bath in front of him, and then drained the water, he began to be stunned; Then he threw a wad of toilet paper into the toilet, pressed the button,pipe fittings manufacturer, and was washed away without a trace. He had already treated Murphy as a genius. Although in his mind, Mo Feifei's hands-on ability is very poor, which is a fly in the ointment. chinaroke.com

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