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President Zixin's husband

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"There it is!" He said with a look of envy. What appeared? "A man and C man glanced forward at the same time.". I saw a tall, handsome man, while hugging a beautiful woman, while talking with people into the meeting. Weijing Group boss, Yin Zhaoyi? "C man and a man asked in unison." Yes! "The second man nodded, a pair of eyes full of envy could not be pulled back for a long time.". Speaking of Weijing Group, a well-known amusement park developer at home and abroad, it has also been actively developing the biopharmaceutical industry in recent years. What is it? "The two asked in puzzlement.". But before the second man could give an answer, he saw another target, and he pointed straight ahead. That, too. In front of the buffet table, a man with a dark complexion and a tall and straight figure is feeding the woman beside him with small bites. Electronics elite, yuan Fei President, Ma Chengyan? "C man and a man are even more puzzled." Yes, yes. Nodding his head fiercely, before he could explain, the second man's line of sight inadvertently swept to the window in the distance, and a man with a serious face was helping the woman sitting beside him, taking off his shoes and rubbing his feet. Look over there again. "Financial Godfather,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, Xia Gang?" C man with a man, but they still do not understand the meaning of the second man. Don't sell any more about it! Just like the mood of guessing riddles, if you can't get the right answer, the participants will be itching. What do you think the three of them have in common? "The second man gave a hint." "Oh!" The third man and the first man were suddenly enlightened and exclaimed: "Married a concubine!" "Wrong!"! A much younger wife. "The second man proposed an amendment." Yes, yes, yes, but.. A man's line of sight,smart interactive whiteboard, like radar, quickly swept around. "What does that have to do with you talking about the storm?" He asked. "The three elites of the upper class all married younger wives at the same time. Isn't this a trend?" Glancing at him, a man smiled proudly at the corners of his mouth. You only know one thing about this, but you don't know the other. This time, he kept him in suspense. What's the matter? "With one voice, but this time the questioners became B man and C man.". Cough lightly first, the eyebrow of armour male is raised, laugh is more complacent. As you all know, I have plenty of gossip. "Say it, say it." Man B and man C can't wait. Namely A man speaks eloquently, as if narrating a fairy tale love story, let's listen slowly. Zixin "President's Husband" Chapter I Shanghai Pudong Airport An old man who seemed to be about seventy years old, carrying a blue canvas bag and a large boarding box, interactive whiteboard for schools ,smart board whiteboard, walked quickly into the waiting room. Because the boarding box looked quite heavy and the canvas bag was quite heavy, the old man almost fell down as soon as he turned into the waiting room. Be careful, old man. Yin Zhaoyi, who was walking behind him, stepped forward at the right time to help people. Still don't come to help! "He looked up and his eyes swept to another man on one side.". The man was stunned and then came over. Young man, there are not many people who are as kind as you now. "The old man of the factory cast a glance of appreciation, and then looked at the young man who had just come over." Your assistant? It seems that whether it is invisible temperament and courage, or external dress taste, we can see the gap between the two identities. Yes! "Yin Zhaoyi grinned softly and turned to his assistant:" Ah Wei, help the old man with his luggage. " Tell Ah Wei's assistant to lean forward at once. "That's not necessary!" The old man flatly refused his kindness. I can still carry this luggage, but your assistant. He paused and looked up and down. Why? "What's wrong with you?"? Wei looked at him dumbfounded. “ "How long have you stayed up late?" He stretched out his hand and quickly grabbed Ah Wei's hand. Uh A week! "Ah Wei answered in a daze.". His boss is busy. He has stayed in Shanghai this week and hardly has a good sleep. "You-a little deficient in the kidney!" The old man closed his eyes and gently pressed his finger on the pulse of his wrist. Embarrassed, Ah Wei's face turned from white to red, and thbucket of ice water on his head, Ah Wei took a look at the boss and then looked at the old man besideith a guilty conscience. Me, um.. He hesitated for a while, thinking that his body was really a little uncody forgotten just that to explode the chestnut, a Wei leans over to ask urgently. He always thought it was just too tired, too tired, but if it was kidney deficiency. God, he does not want kidney deficiency, but the kidney is the source of a man's spirit,touch screen board classroom, only 25 years old he has kidney deficiency, then his future life, not all black and white? "Acupuncture and massage of the soles of the feet." The old man smiled mysteriously. Acupuncture and foot massage? "Ah Wei looked at his smile and then at his feet.". hsdsmartboard.com