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Polyester Film

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Polyester (PET) film is a versatile plastic widely used in many applications. PET materials exhibit good chemical resistance and are tough and durable when compared to other commodity resins with similar performances and price ranges. This material can also be die cut or laser cut to efficiently create products with consistent designs.

The dimensional stability of polyester film allows it to be used in numerous applications, including face shields, laminates, membrane circuitry, electronic insulation, carrier films, and a variety of graphic arts applications.

Specific polyester films can be made to be FDA approved. This characteristic provides a tremendous benefit for applications such as face shields that are used in areas where sterilization and cleanliness is vital.Polypropylene or PP is a low cost thermoplastic of high clarity, high gloss and good tensile strength. It has a higher melting point than PE, which makes it suitable for applications that require sterilization at high temperatures. It also has less haze and higher gloss. Generally, the heat-sealing properties of PP are not as good as those of LDPE. LDPE also has better tear strength and low temperature impact resistance.

PP can be metallized which results in improved gas barrier properties for demanding applications where long product shelf life is important. PP films are well suited for a broad range of industrial, consumer, and automotive applications.Torayfan PC5 metallized BOPP film is a versatile ultra-high oxygen- and moisture- barrier film that can be used in tri-laminations, as a foil replacement, and as an overwrap lamination or wrapper. It’s a durable, cost-effective replacement for foil in a typical paper/PE/foil/PE packaging structure. In addition, it is ideally suited for use as the inner barrier web of a tri-lamination in gas-flushed stand-up or flat pouches. It can also be used as a cold-seal layer and as part of a lamination for high-quality confectionery wrappers and bakery overwraps.BOPP and BOPET films demand stood at 6.54 Million Tonnes in 2020 and is anticipated to reach 11.27 Million Tonnes by 2030, growing at a healthy CAGR of 5.62% until 2030. BOPP and BOPET films market is projected to grow at a steady CAGR in the forecast period due to the rise in the packaging industry. The high demand to replace the traditional packaging types including metal cans and cartons coupled with the shift in consumer preference for convenient and light packaging is the major driver for the forecast period. BOPP and BOPET films are specialty films that are used in various sectors such as packaging, industrial, electrical and electronics, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical, and personal care. BOPP films (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films) and BOPET films (Biaxially Oriented polyethylene terephthalate) are the polyester films that are majorly used for packaging, labeling, and lamination. These films are majorly used in electrical and electronics, pharmaceutical and medical and personal care. BOPP films are used in food packaging and replacing cellophane films which were earlier used in tobacco and snack packing owing to low cost and desired characteristics. These films have also been used in pharmaceutical and medical sector due to its cost-effectiveness, gas barrier property, and its mechanical and optical properties. BOPP and BOPET films are classified by type including wraps, tapes, labels, bags & pouches under which wraps hold the largest market globally. These films have also been classified by the thickness of the film i.e., below 15 microns, 15-30 microns, 30-45 microns, and more than 45 microns. The two films are produced by the tenter and tubular production process. Moreover, the major driving factor for the demand of films is packaging, labeling, and lamination. Among different regions, the APAC region dominated the overall market for BOPP and BOPET film. India and China are the major markets for the BOPP and BOPET film due to the increasing population and rising e-commerce activities. The rising per capita income in the region with the increasing per capita consumption contributed to the demand for BOPP and BOPET films. Some of the major key players operating in the global BOPP and BOPET film market are Cosmo Films Limited, Taghleef Industries, CCL Industries, Jindal Poly Films, Sibur Holdings, Zhejiang Kinlead Innovative Materials, Inteplast Group, Poligal S.A, Uflex Ltd, Polinas, Polibak, Toray Industries, etc.

Creative Process for the High-Barrier Metalized Films

Metalized films are good quality polymer films layered with a skinny layer of metal, generally aluminum. These films are given a glossy metallic appearance like that of aluminum foils but at lower weight and reduced prices. Metalized films are broadly used for food packaging and decorative purposes and also for special applications including electronics and insulation.