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Pipe fitting

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Plastic pipes fitting materials is high-tech recombination type chemical construction material, and chemical construction material is the fourth new-type building material following with steel material, wood material and cement. Because of plastic pipe fitting materials has small flow loss, energy-saving, material-saving, ecology protection and easy to construct, it is widely used in building water supply and drainage, cities water supply and drainage and gas pipes fitting area, becoming a main force in urban construction.5.Hot-melt connection, safe and reliable: PPR pipe has good heat-welding performance. The hot-melt connection between pipes and PPR pipe fittings made of the same PPR material is the fusion of molecules and molecules, and there is no obvious interface. The entire pipeline system The connection becomes a whole, so the hot-melt connection of this method is more reliable than other pipes’ solvent bonding, mechanical connection, an elastic sealing socket connection, and the operation is simple, the speed is fast, and it is especially suitable for direct buried and hidden applications. During construction, there is no need to consider whether there will be leakage at the connection part during long-term use.How do you take all the best traits of a steel pipe and make it lighter and more flexible, while also introducing resistance to corrosion, weathering, and cracking? The answer is polyethylene (PE), a type of plastic that is rugged, flexible, and durable. And with a 100-year service life, PE pipes are among the longest lasting, most durable on the market.What are the Main Uses of PPR Pipe?

PPR Pipe has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years, and rightly so. Its durability, ecological, and economic benefits make PPR pipes one of the best in the industry. That is why most industry leaders have turned to PPR pipes for all their needs.What is a Composite pipe ?

Composite pipe, otherwise called compipe is a reinforced PVC pipe used for several purposes. They marry the benefits of both metal and PVC pipes to eliminate the shortcomings of either of them. Aluminum which is frequently used as the inner lining is efficient and reliable to eliminate gas diffusion into and from the pipe. It also helps in bringing down the snap back reflex and thermal expansion due to varying temperatures the pipe may be subject to. The aluminum in the middle is coated with PVC in both inner and outer layers. The layers are glued very expertly with special and strong adhesives so that they are coherent and reinforced pipe. The thickness of aluminum layer and the polyethylene layers are variable and are fixed according to the need of usage.