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Perfect World (1)

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"I'm ready to do it. Be careful." Shi Hao looks dignified, convergence breath, step by step approaching, Qingyi was startled and stayed at the mouth of the cave, ready to make a move at any time. How did you find this place? In the ancient cave, the voice was unusually dull, but it roared in the void. If it were an ordinary person, the soul would leave the body directly, and the soul would be broken and die. Who are you to know the immortal seal? Shi Hao was surprised that he was not a descendant of the Temple of Immortals, but he knew the forbidden magical power of the religion. What is this thing,Nail production machine, so huge? The stone was amazing. In the ancient cave, the chaotic gas was wrapped around the huge object, which was extremely horrible and powerful. This creature and Shi Hao shook dozens of blows, but unexpectedly did not explode and die. Soon, two people killed out, Qingyi saw the true appearance of this creature, dragon head, crocodile body, the whole body was dark red, scales and armor were shining, people stood up, more than ten feet high,High Speed Nail Making Machine, a pair of eyes like a blood-colored lantern huge and red. Dragon blood crocodile! Qingyi exclaimed, reminding Shi Hao that this is a rare alien, extremely powerful, as far as she knows, only the temple of immortals has two ends, guarding the mountain gate, from ancient times to today. Obviously, this is not the two, not so powerful, it can be guessed that most of them are their children. Dragon blood ancestor crocodile, with dragon blood, for the ancestor of the fierce crocodile, practice to the ultimate realm can be transformed into a real dragon, broken nine days, brave and invincible. This head is more powerful than many of the first generation that Shi Hao has seen, and can fight with him. With a random blow from his huge claws, he can destroy a stone mountain and collapse the void. Moreover, it also knows the secret art of the temple of immortals, which is full of blood and terror. The general true God comes, also is not its match, can be hit by a claw into the flesh mud, is really too strong. You are the servant of the heir of the temple of immortals. Where is he? "I am the first general, never a servant!" The dragon blood ancestor crocodile roared, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail machine supplier, and the red lantern-like eyes shone like two bloody lightning bolts. It resented being called a servant of the temple of immortals, and it was so murderous and violent that it would sink the desert. Poof! In the end, it is still defeated, Shi Hao's body has experienced the strongest baptism of heaven, even the dragon blood creatures are difficult to fight, this God crocodile a claw arm burst. In addition, Shi Hao's skill is unparalleled, covering the same rank of the strong, how can it be the enemy? "Bang!" In a fierce battle of hundreds of strokes, Shi Hao clapped his hands, containing the power of Kunpeng. The dragon blood crocodile shouted loudly, unable to support itself, cracked its body inch by inch, and then fell down with a sound and burst to the ground. Get out of the temple of immortals. You're not possessed by the devil, are you? Shi Hao shouted at the ancient cave. Chapter 08 69 open the eye of heaven. No one in the cave responded. A place of pure gold scales, as well as two broken dragon horns, this is the relatively intact part left by the ancestral crocodile, everywhere else is broken, a place of blood and bone. This dragon blood ancestor crocodile is very strong, far better than the golden-winged ROC, and is one of the top masters killed by Shi Hao in Xiangu. Shi Hao believed that he had reached an important place. This fierce crocodile was the heir of the ancient beast who protected the mountain in the temple of immortals. Naturally, he was loyal to the heir of the temple of immortals. It must be mysterious to sit here. The island is cracked, the vegetation is half destroyed, only the rocky mountain is intact, and the ancient cave is shining outward, accompanied by a trace of chaos. This is a sacred cave, guarded by a magic array, so it was preserved in the first World War just now. Shi Hao felt carefully and could not help sighing, very disappointed, because the opponent was not here. An altar. "Qingyi Road, found a pale golden altar in the ancient cave, simple and vicissitudes of life, leading to unknown territory." He is suspicious by nature, even the ancestral crocodile can not be trusted, alone in another place, through the dragon  of wealth. What kind of stone is this? When they finished counting a pile of divine materials, they saw a pile of ore, which was not surprising and unremarkable. My,Automatic nail machine, my! The stone immediately rushed over and bit a big piece. As soon as it was swallowed, it came out again, cursing again and again. 3shardware.com

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