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Parkcrest Dental Group Bamboo Toothbrush: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Way back when, before the toothbrush and toothpaste, people would use rough cloths, salt, twigs, or chalk to remove grime from their teeth. Thankfully toothbrush technology has advanced and we now have plenty of options when it comes to our dental care.

The bamboo toothbrush has exploded in popularity around the world because of its biodegradability. Just as effective as plastic or electric, a bamboo toothbrush has a bamboo handle and nylon fibers (or in some cases other natural fibers) that are just as strong as plastic. There are plenty of advantages that a bamboo toothbrush can offer.You might have been noticing more and more people around wearing bamboo sunglasses. Bamboo sunglasses have been a hot trend for a while now, but are they merely just a passing trend, or are they here to stay?

If you’ve already tried a pair of bamboo sunglasses for yourself, you’ll definitely understand what the hype is all about. Bamboo is a material that’s becoming more popular in the eyewear world and for so many good reasons. Let's see why bamboo sunglasses are a trend that's here to stay, and why you should get on that train and get yourself a pair if you haven't already!Hanging from a hook near your bathtub lies your once favorite bath brush. It sits crusted with bathroom mold, soap scum and other unidentifiable dirt. You'd love to clean this brush to use when enjoying bath time but you don't know how. Cleaning a bath brush requires very little effort to make even the nastiest bath brush usable once again.

Slide an old comb between the bristles of the bath brush to remove any hair and loose dirt. Rinse the comb frequently so you don't embed more dirt in the bristles of the brush.

Boil water in a pot on the stove. Move the pot to the kitchen sink and pour 1/2 cup ammonia into the water. Add one capful of shampoo to the water.

Place the bath brush into this mixture and stir the brush head through the water to help loosen the filth on the brush. Allow the brush to soak for at least 15 minutes.

Run warm water over the brush to remove grime that has worked free of the bristles. Place the brush back into the solution to free any remaining residue.

Rinse thoroughly with cool water and allow to dry before use.

Are Toothpicks Recyclable?

You never really know how important toothpicks are until you have just downed a ton of meat and have those pesky little fibers stuck between your teeth.Using the right toothbrush can make your daily oral care routine more enjoyable—and more effective.
A toothbrush is personal, which is why they’re available in a variety of sizes and shapes. If you have a large mouth, you may prefer a full-sized toothbrush head. If you have a small mouth, opt for a compact head. And some adults even prefer youth or child-sized toothbrushes because they find them easier to use for brushing behind the back teeth.

If comfort is important, try a toothbrush with a non-slip grip, which makes it easy to use even if wet. Additionally, the handles on many toothbrushes have been modeled based on research into the five different ways that people hold their toothbrush while brushing.