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Paper God

2022-10-18 02:16   Automobiles   Say   63 views

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The dogs of the people around are like natural alarms. If there is a person who is familiar with the nearby terrain and has good ears, I'm afraid he can infer all their tracks and numbers from the sound of barking, so as to ambush them. Yes The previous one had just finished answering, and Ren Qianyou heard a muffled hum, and then deliberately lowered his anger and shouted: "Who is there?" Although he knew that the man was not asking himself, his heart almost jumped out of his throat. Left The previous man snorted angrily,plastic pallet bin, and then the sound of breaking the air sounded, some sharp, but not like the sound of weapons, Ren Qianyou was itching to scratch, what was going on outside the door must be a super battle that he had never seen before, or even dared not think about! Unspeakable strange sounds, strange lights, strange crashes,plastic bulk containers, and the muffled hum of people all form a fatal attraction. Ren Qianyou finally could not bear it and quietly approached the door, looking out through the gap on the side of the door. Then he couldn't take his eyes off it. The first thing that caught his eyes was a man with flaming flames in his hands. It was the man who asked them the way today. At this time, his face was a little ferocious under the beating flames. His fists waved like countless meteors piercing the sky. There was only one sentence in his heart: "Wow!"! Tianma Meteor Fist? As his fists waved, the scorched sleeves of the burning flames scattered around and fell to the ground, even burning the ground! Where his hands waved, the air was completely ionized, so each punch had a clear trail, and after countless punches, the whole space was filled with a flame-like light, misty, enveloping his whole body. Ren Qianyou's hand was on the door, but only three or four seconds later, he had to step back, because the whole door had been baked hot by the flame, the red paint on the green door, drum spill containment ,plastic pallet supplier, the paint had curled up, and then pieces peeled off, revealing the white iron sheet. But against him, it was a strange guy wrapped in black, whose hands used a pair of short blades, which frequently touched the fists of the flame man, making a sound similar to the sound of gold and iron. Every impact, there are sparks flying, seems to have contributed to the power of the flame, look at the form, seems to have been completely suppressed by the flame man. On the other side, another black suit against a man wrapped in black cloth, both of themunexpectedly strange into the night, and at the same time, and "God ear" deal with the people also a smile, a foot kicked God ear, disappeared in the night. God's ear, God's ear, are you all right? Fire Fist asked anxiously,plastic pallet manufacturer, ignoring the pursuit of the enemy. I'm sorry, captain, I.. God's ear spat out a mouthful of blood and gasped. Have a rest first! Fire Fist put God's ear flat on the ground and looked in the direction of the disappearance of the man in black. cnplasticpallet.com

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