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Mr. Fox Bite

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Red stove also ran to come in, pour not to be stupefied, say only: "How not to wear a dress?"? Isn't it cold? "The clothes were worn by you," said the fox. The rabbit gave two dry coughs. He looked at the Taoist robe wrapped around his body and said, "I'm sorry." Shuang Ling also returned to God. She rolled up her sleeves and said, "Do you think I'm afraid of you because you're shirtless?"? I will not let you go if you bewitch the emperor and deceive the public with evil words. The fox bun ignored the clamor of the frost plume and said to the red stove, "You're back. Did you catch someone?" "I got it." The red stove replied, "I was just about to report it, but I didn't bother you when I saw you and Jun were busy." "It doesn't matter,Automatic Nail Making Machine," said the fox. Rabbit hairpin listens muddleheaded: "Catch who person?" The Red Stove said, "This evening, a bat demon came to steal the queen's blood sample on the altar.". I caught him. When Shuang Ling heard the news, she was so shocked that she did not care about killing the fox spirit for the time being. She only asked with concern, "What is the origin of this bat?"? Why steal the queen's blood? "That's about to ask the queen herself." The fox stood up. "Go to the queen." Rabbit hairpin is stopping: "elder brother, at least wear a pair of underpants." Chapter 46 The fox bun and the rabbit hairpin changed their neat clothes and went out with the red stove and the frost plume. The queen's quiet room is located in the depths of the temple, surrounded by cement walls,Iron Nail Making Machine, the courtyard door is made of wood, and is not locked, a push can be opened. However, it was not easy to open the door, because there was a dog guard outside the door as usual, and an owl guard on the wall. Rabbit Hairpin sighed: "It seems that the guards of the empress and the chief minister are very strict, but mine is very ordinary." "Such escorts are to be applied for, from the establishment to funding, each item must be approved by Parliament and the Royal Family.". It is very troublesome to organize such a team. The fox explained, "If you don't bother to do it yourself, no one will do it for you." The rabbit's hairpin swallowed and said, "It means that neither the queen nor the chief minister cares about my life." "I didn't say that." The fox bun said. Of course it's not true! Frost Ling could not help but defend the queen, Coil nail machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, "the chief minister has been tit for tat with the king, he is certainly not loyal to the heart of the king.". But the queen must be too busy to attend to it. Moreover, the emperor has been living in the Fanhua Palace and does not go out, so it is not necessary to have such an escort. To say the least, you still have my protection! It's more useful than anything else!  with drawing blood again." It is not unreasonable for the queen to say so. Generally, they feel uncomfortable after drawing blood,Nail machine supplier, and it is not suitable to draw blood again. What's more, the queen's status is noble. Naturally, the fox bun and others have no reason to object. 3shardware.com

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