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Morals cultivate immortals. Chuan Jing proofread edition

2022-10-20 05:41   Automobiles   Niamey   197 views

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And Chen Qiaoqian's unexpected face also contains a more complicated look. Han Li did not have time to explain to these people the mystery of "reversing the five elements array", but raised his hand to release the white phosphorus shield and the tortoise shell, around his side, and said in a deep voice: nd Zhong WeiniaMeng looked at each other with a wry smile. They didn't have their own amulet. Ag black hair was fluffy and moving against the wind,Narrow aisle rack, covering half of his face. With the blood on his body, he looked more and more mysterious. He took a deep breath and suddenly crossed his sharp fingernails left and right on his wrist. A large amount of blood gushed out, all of which merged into the blood light of his whole body. The bright red blood light suddenly darkened and turned to dark red in an instant. Now the smell of blood, even so far apart Song Meng and others have smelled one or two, so that their faces slightly changed, but there is no way, can only look at the enemy to continue to cast. Seeing that the color of the blood light all over his body had been transformed,heavy duty warehouse rack, the Emperor of Yue opened his mouth and spurted two lines of red gas onto his wrist. I don't know what magic it was. The two deep wounds immediately stopped bleeding and gradually disappeared from red to light, but the Emperor of Yule feel a kould not understand the content of the incantation. Said with some concern. Although two people do not know the intention of the enemy, but see this person self-mutilation bloodletting situation, Narrow aisle rack ,pipe cantilever rack, also know that the emperor of some dogs jump over the wall, want to go all out. Just when Song and Meng were nervous. The sound of the incantation in the mouth of Emperor Yue quickened the rhythm a lot, and the wild breath became stronger and stronger. There was a flasdperor of Yue breathe a sigh of relief. After the blood spurted out, his face suddenly aged more than ten years and looked very haggard. But now he did not care about other things at all, but casually, the blood on his body separated a lot of a sudden rush to the blood mass,heavy duty racking system, at the same time the deep voice sounded again, just because his tongue was missing, it was a bit unclear. omracking.com

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