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Meet in a thousand years

2022-10-25 01:16   Services   Dakoro   23 views

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Nie Silan raised her eyes and glanced at Yangzi, saying that the girl was getting bolder and bolder. With a smiling face, Yangzi added, "I'm going to ask you to prepare for it." Without waiting for Nie Silan to open his mouth, Lou Rang, who had already turned the tables, said, "I still need to ask. I came here at this time to have lunch before I left." "Alas." Yangzi retreated happily. Nie Silan saw it in her eyes and smiled helplessly. She turned to the same building and said, "Have all the things in the Yamen been dealt with?" Lou Rang took a sip of tea and said, "It's over. I'm a commoner like Silan now." When Nie Silan heard that Lou Rang didn't have much melancholy in his mouth, he was open-minded: "What are your plans for the future?" "Intend to?" Lou Rang looked at Nie Silan with a smile. As soon as Nie Silan felt bad, he heard Lou Rang say, "It's my plan to marry Silan. My plan is just like this from the beginning. Don't you know Silan?" Nie Silan frowned, and the two of them went around to the topic again: "Lou Rang, don't you think you are so obsessed with me now that you are just competing with yourself and me?" "If one day you really follow your wishes, you will find that it is just so so.". I'm not as good as you think, and I'm not irreplaceable to you. Your efforts to me are a meaningless waste. Lou looked at Nie Silan and shook his head. "No, Silan, you're wrong." If I get my wish one day, you will find that you are more important to me than you think. I can't go back on what I've done for you. I have no way out. "All I can do is go on. If I stop or retreat,classroom interactive whiteboard, I really have nothing." Lou Rang then turned his eyes away and looked out of the door. With a gesture that Nie Silan had never seen before, he said slowly in a flat tone: "All of you can see me, but no one knows that I live the loneliest life." Nie Silan heart a shock, looking at the person sitting sideways, it seems to be the first time to know the building, Nie Silan never thought that the building's heart was like this. Lou Rang, your feelings for me may just want to have someone to accompany, I think if you are willing,4k smart board, willing to accompany you, can accompany you will be a lot of people. Lou Rang turned his head and looked at Nie Silan calmly, as if they had known each other for thousands of years: "Silan, you think that's just what you think, but I know that there will be no one else in the world except you." The author has something to say: Happy National Day! 50 50, Chapter 50.. Nie Silan stepped into the door to see such a scene, the floor let the big horse golden knife sitting in the hall, mouth and floor exhibition chatting. This scene saw Nie Silan's eyes, almost let her think that she was in the wrong door, this building in their own home is more comfortable than Nie Silan this host family. Miss, you're back. Yang Zi said something and came out of the kitchen with something in his hand. Seeing that Nie Silan did not speak, Yangzi shrugged his shoulders to himself and took two small steps horizontally. He went over and said in a low voice, "Miss, Mr. Lou won't leave without seeing you. I saw it was raining outside, interactive flat panel display ,touch screen whiteboard, so I let.." The more Yangzi spoke, the more he whispered, and he was afraid that Nie Silan would fall out with her. Nie Silan glanced at the guilty Yangzi, knowing that even if it wasn't for the rain today, Yangzi would have other reasons to let the building in, just like many times in the past. Seeing Nie Silan entering the room, Lou Rang had already got up to meet him, and Lou Zhan had a tacit understanding to retreat with Yangzi. I'm back. Lou Rang poured a cup of hot tea and put it in front of Nie Silan. Mr. Lou, what are you doing here today? Nie Silan felt that he could find an excuse and had already been searched by the building, but the building still had endless reasons to make himself come to Nie Silan almost the next day for an afternoon. Nothing, nothing. With a smile in his slender eyes, 'm joking? Nie Silan stopped the action on her hand and pulled down a horse with a face: "I tell you, next time if you do such a trick earlier, even if you lie at my door after your hands and feet are finished, I won't let you in." Seeing that Nie Silan was really moving, Lou Rang also received a smiling face an After crossing Nie Silan has been living more confused, before Nie Silan is too serious, more serious to himself, more serious to the people around him, the final result is to end up alone. Therefore,interactive digital whiteboard, now Nie Silan has been able to tolerate their own confusion from time to time, because some confused people will not care too much about gains and losses, will not be so sensitive and will not live so tired. hsdsmartboard.com