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Mecha Wu Sheng

2022-10-25 01:11   Services   Dakoro   28 views

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Duan Hongyu has never been immune to beautiful women. He just discusses marriage in front of his parents, which really makes him stressed. As for other people's ideas, he doesn't want to explore them now. Grandpa Shang, now the enemy is still entrenched outside the city, tead you join in the fun just now? Duan Hongyu asked first, but did not mean to blame,silk olive tree, but wanted to listen to Claire's thoughts. Brother Duan, from the first time I saw you, I knew that what you wanted was not small. You either yearned for supreme power or shouldered heavy responsibilities. Indeed, Duan Laodi, your own strength is very good, but you are a person after all. No matter how strong a person is, his strength is limited. As the saying goes,outdoor ficus tree, a hero has three gangs. Don't you think that Tianmen City is a force that can not be ignored? Clare said slowly. Claire's brother is right, the strength of businessmen is very strong, but it may be easy to dominate on the fighting star, but my battlefield is not here, you know, the outside world is not as primitive as the fighting star. Duan Hongyu gave his own opinion on Claire's words. Brother Duan, you should know that even if the technology outside is developed again, what is the most fundamental thing? It is people. Although the strong men on the fighting star are not worth mentioning in your eyes, have you ever thought about what would happen if all the warriors on the fighting star were driving mecha? Clare said, still unhurried. This Duan Hongyu suddenly froze, he did not think so much at the beginning, but after Claire's call, he finally knew what he had been ignoring. The people on Wudou Star are practicing foreign kungfu. Their bodies are very strong. Compared with the average level in Linhai Galaxy, they are more than one level higher. If these people are used to form a mecha army, faux ficus tree ,outdoor palm trees, their combat effectiveness can be imagined. At this moment, Duan Hongyu finally understood why there was a biochemical warrior here, and why the poison kiss stopped him. They are looking at the abundant resources of pilots othes for 20 years, that mood can be imagined ah! “……” Duan Hongyu is really speechless. Shura, you're going to be my sidekick. I'm responsible for food, clothing, housing and transportation in the future. You don't have to look at Tianmen City, do you? Duan Hongyu ignored Wu Qiu and said to Shura. Hum! There are a lot of good things under Tianmen City! Shura answered simply, and then resumed his indifferent appearance. This guy belongs to the face-changing clan, and his face and behavior change as soon as he says so. Hearing Shura's words, Duan Hongyu suddenly understood what he was thinking, and for a long time he was still thinking about the unknown wonders at the gates of Tianmen! "Well,large artificial blossom trees, let's not talk about that. Let's get down to business."! Counting the time, the enemy's reinforcements may arrive tonight. Even if they don't attack tonight, they will attack tomorrow morning. I'm going to visit the enemy camp tonight. Duan Hongyu turned the conversation to the enemy outside Tianmen City. hacartificialtree.com