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Madam _ you lost your vest again!

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Are you used to study? Have you made any friends? After so many days of school, it was the first time that Qin Ran listened to Ning Qing's concern about her study. Not bad She replied patiently and succinctly, "It's all right. I'm leaving." Ning Qing also wanted to ask her if she was familiar with Qiao Sheng, but Qin did not want to talk to her much, she could only watch the elevator door slowly close in front of her. A complicated face. Qin ran downstairs, she has a bus card,collapsible pallet box, did not intend to call Cheng Jun, No.12 bus directly to No.1 Middle School, especially convenient. Just out of the hospital gate, before the opposite bus stop, a black car was in front of her. As the window lowered, Cheng Juan tapped the steering wheel with her beautiful fingers, turned sideways, raised her eyebrows, and slowly opened her mouth: "Come up." The car drove directly to the school infirmary. Qin Ran noticed that the door of the school clinic was open. She paused. Didn't she say that Lu Zhaoying had something to do today? Just thinking about it. I saw a man in black coming out of the school clinic. Wearing short sleeves,drum spill pallet, the blue tattoo on the arm is faintly visible, and the evil spirit on the body is serious, which is not likely to be easy to mess with. Master Jun, "seeing Cheng Jun get out of the car, the man in black opened his mouth respectfully and cautiously," tune.. " Just a word has not finished, see Jun Ye car and a person. The other man who got out of the car was not too surprised, but a woman got out. The man in black was stunned. Eat first. Hot outside, Cheng Jun reached out to unbutton a button at the collar, answered lightly, and remembered something, in a low tone, "did you bring what you brought?" “…… Bring it. Bring it. The man in black came to his senses. Just a pair of eyes can't help whoring Qin Ran. When the three of them entered the room, Qin saw a stack of books on the table that used to be quite empty in the school clinic. It's no exaggeration to describe it as folding. Drink water Cheng Jun took the cup and poured a cup of warm water for Qin Ran. Turn over a stack of books on the table by yourself. Pick and choose, pull out five books from inside, take them out and hand them to Qin Ran. Qin Kui quite casually glanced at: "..." The first step of college entrance examination review. Teacher Gao asked me to keep an eye on you to study. "Cheng Jun turned around and poured himself a glass of water. His voice was lazy and his eyes were cold." Look at these books first. " "I've picked it out, secondary containment pallet ,collapsible pallet bin, and it's just right for you." Cheng Jun came over with water. When she was in the hospital to see her grandmother, he planned a review plan for her during this period. Come over, pointing to a book, accommodate Qin's height, he bowed his head, want to introduce these review materials to Qin. Qin Ran picked up a book, blinked, slanted his head, and slowly opened his mouth: "." I don't need it. The eyes of the two men inevitably touched each other's eyes, nose, mouth, and a strand of broken hair slanting across their foreheads. This distance, along with the slight sound of breathing, is all-pervasive. Qin Ran usually always love to smile, some do not come out of the world, at this time look closely, only to find that she has a small lachrymal mole, very small, point in the end of the eye, some enchanting. Cheng Jun couldn't stand it. He stood up straight first and took a step back. He was very honest:The computer opened very fast, she reached out and pressed a few keys quickly,  Tiantian does exercises. "Ah," Qin Ran answered casually, she looked at the title of the information book,plastic pallet crates, very attentively, "the last single was an accident, but the state is almost the same." binpallet.com

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