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Love is in chaos

2022-10-24 03:45   Téléphones   Dakoro   7 views

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"Miss Xu, well, maybe I should call you Mrs. Mo!" The person in front of her was Xu Linglong, who she thought was carved out of powder and jade. Listen to her such words, but the sound of tea some do not adapt, Xu Linglong is not the only reckless threat to push her into the water of Miss Jiao, married to a woman is really a woman's calm. Linglong, did you see the book I put on the table last night? Mo Zifeng's soft voice came from the corridor. No, is it in the study? Xu Linglong looked back and said softly. Well, maybe I left it in the study. With the voice, others have come to Xu Linglong's side. See sound tea is also in, some joy, and some embarrassment, "tea when?" Xu Linglong looked at the two of them and said with an expressionless face, "I'm afraid I'm looking for you. I'm going to rest." Said, turned and left. Sound tea looked at her back, unexpectedly some at a loss,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, how to feel like a third party! "Tea, let's go to the pavilion." Nodded and followed Mo Zifeng into the pavilion. I heard from Xiaowu that you came here yesterday. He motioned her to sit down. Smiling, "Yes, you were not here yesterday, so I told everyone a book." He smiled gently, more gorgeous than the sunset glow. "When you come, their days will not be so boring." "Oh, Zi Feng,Magnesium Oxide powder, you really flatter me." She paused and then said, "Yes, Zi Feng, I'm going to stay in Hangzhou." Smile a border, then expand, "but really?" "It's true. I've bought the Liuxiang Pavilion near the West Lake." For Yin Hongxiu in Chang'an Liuxiang Pavilion, Mo Zifeng did not know the matter, she did not do some explanation, before the matter, she did not want to mention. He breathed a sigh of relief and tapped the stone table with one hand, unable to hide his joy. "This is really a happy thing." "You, the leader of the Hangzhou government, should take care of me." She joked. If there is anything, you can ask, as long as I can do, I will never refuse. His expression was very positive. This is almost certain, and the first person I look for is you. She said with a smile, Magnesium Oxide price ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, which was very cute. Mo Zifeng will hide her every expression in the bottom of her heart, she is always so Frank, think what to do, do not need to hide. Two people chatted half a cup of tea time, the next person to see Mo Zifeng, seems to have something to deal with, sound tea out of the garden, ready to go to the backyard. Chapter 145 burning with anger. According to the route that Wang Wu said to her, Yin Hongxiu went in the direction of the backyard she thought, but somehow he entered a small forest, and he remembered that Xiaowu did not mention the forest when he said it. Is the direction wrong? No! I turned around and didn't know where to go for a moment.  What is this Mo Zichen doing? Who would have thought that there would be such a gloomy place in Mo's house? No wonder he said it was forbidden! Thought in the heart, but the mouth is stubborn, "if you hang a sign at the entrance to write'forbidden place ', I will not enter by mistake, what ghost place,calcium nitrate sol, please I will not come!" "Humph!"! If I hadn't just come here to practice, you wouldn't know how you died! He snorted coldly. This person is really very evil, using poisonous snakes to practice!. stargrace-magnesite.com