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Little patriarch

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King Yongjiang was the cousin of Emperor Jianye. His fief, Yongjiang, was said to be benevolent and generous. He was loved by the people of the fief. At this time, the other party stared at him with his eyes as if he had been poisoned. Changsheng only felt that he had been shot lying down. He had done nothing and did not know in advance that they were coming. It happened that he was the first to blame himself after his defeat, as if he had promised the other party something before. Changsheng felt that he had never exterminated the royal family of Daye. He acted according to the situation. After entering the court, he hid in the Ministry of Works to do what he wanted to do. Even if he avoided it, when the royal family wanted to blame him, he was the first one to slip him out and whip his corpse. Yongjiang king in the heart how don't hate longevity, Fang Huai even if the rebellion, take over is only a devastated court, even can't survive the alien that pass, but the longevity of the defection, but led to the royal family almost no chance. First, he conspired with Fang Huai to attack the alien race, and then he did almost perfect post-war pacification work to calm the people's anger and repair the wounded city. In recent years, even the grain was mixed up. Fang Huai's camp had a high yield of grain, and everything was changing in a good direction. The forces of the old Dynasty of Daye were like cabbages immersed in the miserable wind and rain. Today, it is precisely because of longevity, Wei Lan will be hesitant, and eventually they face such a situation. The winner is the loser. What a winner is the loser. Fang Huai finished, and someone was sent in, is a immortal wind Taoist. At this time,Stone Honeycomb Panel, the Taoist's face was full of indifference, and he still looked like a noble man of practice. Taoist, do you have anything else to say now? Fang Huai asked. The Taoist chuckled and said to the King of Yongjiang, "The poor Taoist is incompetent. He is the only one who is dead now." "I treated the Taoist Priest as a national teacher, but I never thought that the Taoist Priest was still thinking of the old man." There was no sign of shame on his face. "It's common sense to trace back to the source," he said. "If Your Majesty is not in the right position, everyone should punish him." Wei Sandao hurriedly scolded, "Shut up!" Fang Huai waved his hand to show that he didn't care. Then he said,Slate Wall Panel, "I don't know whether I should call him Taoist Feng Zhenren or Wang Fengqing. I never thought that the door of Gaochang in the past would become the running dog of the former Dynasty." Hearing this, Feng Taoist, who had always looked like a sprezzatura, immediately turned his eyes red and said, "Shut up!"! Who are you to mention my name? "In the past year, when I was the commander of the Flying Tiger Guards, the first case I handled was to pacify your family. I never thought that you didn't hate Emperor Jianye as the chief culprit, but you hated me instead. It's really ridiculous." "Times are changing now. Naturally, what you say is what you say. Emperor Jianye has always valued my father. For the sake of my father's position as commander of the Flying Tiger Guard, you, a villain, did not hesitate to frame my father and harm my Wang family. This enmity is implacable!" Changsheng wanted to cover his ears, all the people present were estimated to be almost the same as him. They didn't want to listen to Fang Huai's way to the top. Even if Wang Fengqing's death was not Fang Huai's fault, it had nothing to do with Fang Huai. They didn't dare to listen to this kind of thing. Fang Huai, however, Carrara Marble Slab ,Agate Stone Price, was not affected at all. "It's ridiculous," he said. "All your life, you're just like this. You're a rat in the gutter, hiding your head and showing your tail." "Fang Huai, you are perfidious and kill innocent people indiscriminately. You are doomed to die a terrible death and never turn over!" The Wind Taoist cursed. Bring people in. Fang Huai said toward the door. This time, it was a series of children who were brought in. "When Wang Hefeng of Yongjiang saw these children, his face was full of shock and fear." If you are willing to be a mouse, I will not care too much, after all, the emperor of Jianye knows me well. Fang Huai paused and then said, "Since you insist on having your own way, you can only have more people to bury with you." These people, impressively, are the children of the King of Yongjiang, as well as the children carefully hidden by the Wind Taoist. Now the matter has been exposed, and the children who have been hiding have been caught. The result they are facing is to lose their children and grandchildren. Fang Huai, you will die a terrible death! King Yongjiang's voice was shrill. There's no need to try it again. It's too tortuous. Go on the road on the spot. Fang Huai finished, Wei Sandao a knife across, splashing a cluster of blood. A minister who was close to him was splashed with blood. He was so stunned that he dared not say a word more. Fang Huai turned his eyes around among all the ministers and so deal with Fang Huai, his heart was full of fatigue. However, I am not afraid of people's words, but if and a delicate face, was full of panic. Changsheng looked aside at Wei Siqian, who had retired at homngsheng's eyes darkened, he stood firm with the help of the boy. Finally, he said with difficulty, "Drive me to the palace." Chapter 143 a question. Changsheng arrived at the gate of the palace in a muddle,grey marble slab, and happened to meet a small yellow door who came up in a panic. The small yellow door was happy to see Changsheng's face, and then turned into a sad look. Lord Luo, I happen to meet you. Please come with the younger one. The little yellow door pulled Changsheng to go inside. forustone.com