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Little Lucky Star of the 1970's Koi Fish [Entry]

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As for Chen Meng and Chunni they ran to the stream and began to wash the things brought by the two brothers small pots chopsticks enamel cups and vegetables After  of fruit It tastes very good Good treasure you try it" Chen Meng looked disgusted "Can you wash it before eating" Look at you like this If you eat like this at school the girls in your class will not want to talk to you Dog egg one face is indifferent "I just do not want female classmate I want delicious don't you try this fruit" It's really delicious As they spoke Aini and Shanny had already washed the fruit out and carried it over with large banana leaves The girl was fastidious Energy and felt that the wild things must be dirty and could not be eaten without washing Only then did Chen Meng get it in her hand and taste it As a result the sour taste made her spit it out athen Meng was too unlucky The one she got was very sour so she said "It's really delicious You can try another one" Aini was curious about the taste of this fruit see sister said no problem also took a bite "Yes really delicious very sweet" Chen Meng picked up another one put it to her mouth and took a bite "It's still sour" She lost another one The dog egg did not believe took the one that Chen Meng threw away turned around bit on the reverse side and his face changed "You are unlucky" It's really sour It's sour to death China Suppliers This wild fruit is sour only when it's not ripe Chen Meng is just unlucky The result is repeated several times or Chen Meng got the sour fruit the other several people got the sweet fruit She felt dead on her back and squatted in front of the fire to cook instant noodles For children of this age instant noodles which add a lot of flavor are really delicious but the Chen family has a large population and there are few times when they don't cook Even if the children are greedy for this kind of fast foo" Only Mao Dan who is the best at talking nonsense can talk about stealing his mother's private collection in such a unique way Mao Dan you can do it However what surprised Environment Chen Meng even more was "Does our pig factory make ham sausages now" This ham sausage technology or Xiao Jun spent a lot of money to develop and improve is still in the stage of preparing for the market all kinds of certificates are not ready belongs to the three-nothing product but the family can still eat first Some of the experimental products in the factory have been added to the workers' lunch by the chefs in the canteen It has been eaten before It is said textra meals he ate many packages of instant noodles Even though he had passed through he was still full of psychological shadows about instant noodles I won't eat it Shen shook his head and took the cup a little closer to her "I've tasted it and it's not sour I've peeled it for you Try it yourself"  trade-global.com