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Lingding Tianshi

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 I said sorry for her to everyone. Mind a turn, think of Liu Yun cold, like quiet, so also don't think so. It was almost midnight, and everyone was still celebrating excitedly. Jars of wine were brought up, and everyone was drunk. And at this time, in the open space on the opposite side of a very secluded hill,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, a boy who looked only seventeen or eighteen years old collapsed on the ground, is facing a huge bluestone about thirty feet, if Ye Chen here, will recognize this young Hao ran is the child king? Gulin At the moment, his young black face was full of amazement. On the boulder, an arrowhead protruded, and the cold and sharp iron tip gave off a little bit in the quiet moonlight. There was a thumb-sized black hole in the back of the boulder, extending all the way to the arrow,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, apparently caused by an arrow through the boulder. Gulin had just come out of the open space of the celebration and arrived here alone. He had just seen the fight between Ye Chen and Lei Sen. Seeing this arrow, I was surprised and immediately thought that it was the last arrow sent by Ye Chen. Standing up, Gulin climbed to the top of the boulder. Looking up at the sky, I saw the silver moon hanging high, the stars twinkling in the sky, as if they would never stop, and a Milky Way across it, dividing the whole night sky into two parts, and dividing him and the rest of the people who were celebrating. "Father, it's Hunter's Day again.." he whispered, looking at the stars. Father, three years ago this day, you told me. Mother, she.. I've been watching me grow up in the sky. Gulin said in a trembling voice. His eyes were rather dim in the faint light. As he spoke in a low voice, Self-closing Faucet ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, he took out a piece of white tiger tooth from his bosom, and two lines of tears rolled down his dark cheeks and splashed on the tiger tooth. You become a hunter, kill the first tiger, and take its tooth as a souvenir. Three years ago today, you were so drunk that you took out this tiger tooth and told me that it was your first honor. When you get old in the future, you will hand it over to me. I hope I can pass it on from generation to generation.. At this point, he suddenly choked up, and then roared in a low voice: "But why …" Why did you break your promise? You didn't wait until you were old. You didn't give it to me yourself. You just.. Tears trickled down, and his face was filled with anger and sadness. Staring blankly at the tiger tooth in his hand, he suddenly clenched it with his right hand, looked up at the sky and said, "It will come out after a while, but Brother Leisen can only drive it away.." I'm so useless now, how on earth can I. What should I do?.. "Brother Leisen is the leader of the hunters. He is responsible for protecting the village and hunting. He has no time to teach me martial arts." What am I supposed to do? Gulin looked at a loss, at this time in front of a dark night, and his mood is no different. Looking at the night sky in a trance, blurred fire jumping in the open space in the distance, seems to be very lively, but here is a terrible silence. But as he sat there for a long time, he heard a slight sound coming from the misty hills in the distance. Gulin was startled and quickly got up and walked doubtfully to the source of the sound. I saw a path around the rocks. Suddenly there was a sound of breaking air. There was a huge cypress tree in front of him, and he slowly approached, hiding there and What about the woman who was with him? Must not be much difference, hesitated for a moment,Service Sink Faucets, he suddenly suddenly knelt down his legs, loud way: "Please … …" Take me as an apprentice. The kneeling was so sincere and sincere that even the soil on the ground bounced up a lot with a "splash". Liu Yun eyes slightly congealed, flashed a trace of surprise and cunning. "Why?" She said lightly. cnkexin.com

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