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Li Liang-Naughty Family

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"When will you two leave?" Asked Hobo. Chien Hong and Sima Changqing consulted with each other, and then Chien Hong replied, Tomorrow morning, we will meet at the Lotus Bridge. Go to the Valley of Flowers together. Baby brother forehead. Chien Hong and Sima Changqing smiled, and then took the troops to leave them. After they left, the baby brother had a myriad of things to do. "We seem to be in a bad way," sighed Hobey. "We're in a lot of trouble." Hobo was able to take it in stride: "The process was really bad, but the ending was very satisfactory." "But after all," said Hao Bei, "letters are written in black and white. Everyone in Jianghu knows that my aunt wrote love letters to others. "" Hobo had no choice but to spread out his hands: "This is the worst place, but things have happened, we have to face the reality." "I'm psychologically prepared," said Hao Bei, "but I'm really worried about my aunt. She's so fat.." Hao Bao smiled. "We can't help you with the following things." "Aunt should lose weight." Hao Bao smiled with a bitter sigh: "It's not easy. Fat people are most afraid of losing weight, which is divided into two kinds. One is to lose weight." Can't lose weight, the other is more headache, he doesn't want to lose weight at all, when it comes to losing weight, uncle, unfortunately, aunt belongs to the latter. "." Hao Bei frowned: "It's really a headache..." Hao Bao suddenly had a strange idea: "Maybe I should kill a few fat pigs in front of my aunt to see if she will realize her obesity." Field.. As he spoke, the two brothers could not help laughing. Then Hao Bei asked curiously,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, "I don't know who my aunt will marry." "I'm afraid it's still early," said Hao Bao. "I'm really worried that the two of them will suddenly become as fat as two people when they see the lover of their old dreams. Faint to the ground, or get married immediately after returning home. Hao Bei said, "It shouldn't be so serious. I think the two of them seem to be very good. Don't you think they have finished reading?" After the letter, the whole expression is different, which shows that they are very sincere to their aunt. Hao Bao sighed, "It seems that we can only ask for God's blessing." "The two of them are different in appearance," said Hao Bei. "I don't know which one I like better." "They are indeed different," said Hao Bao. "Chien Hong has a dark face,ultrasonic metal welding, prominent features, and a tall stature. Sima Chang Qing is thin and tall. High, white face, a pair of literati scholar appearance, the corners of the mouth always with a smile, two people have the same demeanor, self-restraint, it is not much. Got it. "It's strange," said Hao Bei. "Why didn't my aunt care about them before?" "Don't forget," said Hao Bao. "Her name is Bingxin Meiren." "But my aunt is always smiling, and Xinqing is also very cheerful." Hao Bao said with a sly smile, "Maybe she has a habit of cramping at the corners of her mouth?" He learned to twitch a few times, but with too much force, his chin really cramped, and the carbuncle made him cry out: "Abe, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, quick!" Help me straighten it. Hao Bei immediately grabbed his chin and pulled it back, and then touched Tianrong acupoint on both cheeks, so that Hao Bao's chin could return to its position. Hao Baomo looked at his chin and smiled awkwardly. "It's really embarrassing. How could it be like this?" Carefully pumped a few times, and finally it was right. Often. Hao Bei quickly laughed out tears: "If aunt like you so cramps, that is miserable ah!" " Hao Baogan laughed, "It's not easy to laugh a lot. My aunt really has a way." Dry laugh a few times, suddenly Ran asked, "Will you tell your son about these embarrassing things later?" Hao Bei touched the moustache, the beard is not attached to the mouth, but grasp in the hand, he touched very interesting, thinking for a moment before saying: "I probably won't tell them." Hobo gave a narrow smile. "Our father may be the same as us, so he keeps everything to himself." "That's right," said Hao Bei suddenly. "Then let's not ask him again." "If one day my son is more embarrassed than my father, my father will embarrass us in turn," said Hao Baopeng with a smile. We.. Can you not be embarrassed? Hao Bao touched his chin and sighed, "It's hard for me!"! Even if you laugh a few times, you will get cramps. Can you not be embarrassed? Hao Bei naturally smiled crooked mouth, fortunately Hao Bao warned him, otherwise really will laugh cramps. "Let's go," sighed Hao Bao! When I go back, my aunt still has to tie me. Abe, do you think my aunt wants it most? Am I as fat as her? Hao Bei nods: "Have this tendency." Hobo sighed, "That's why my a! That's a good brother. The two men reached an agreement, laughed again, and then returned to the solemn. Hao Bao has been worried that the two heroes will lose their true qualities when they see the fat aunt (maybe they will faint or go crazy or something Yes), then it's all over, go straight in, point out horizontally, it's another embarrassing thing. He didn't dare to think. In short,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, the nearer he came to the Valley of Flowers, the more he regretted it, and the two of them had done a very bad job. fycgsonic.com