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Legend of the Red Star of Rebirth [School]

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 It was better to take advantage of the chaos to lead the brothers to escape, find a place to settle down first, and then observe the changes in the situation. If not, retreat south, cross the Yellow River and take refuge in the First War Zone. To the first war zone, our brothers are the heroes of the uprising anyway, as officials, as soldiers, nothing will happen. Tang Jiamo has been listening to Cai Xiongfei, listen to Cai Xiongfei said reasonable,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, immediately assembled the team quietly retreated. As soon as the troops led by Cai Xiongfei and Tang Jiamo withdrew, they were discovered by the Japanese commander. The small devils machine gun did not care to hit our army, chasing the Hedong Road security team opened, forcing them to hold their positions. Cai Xiongfei was confused for a while. Relying on his good relationship with the Japanese, he personally stood up and held a signal flag, saying that they were going to search for Tuba Road. What time is it? Will the little devil still listen to his nonsense? An officer of the Japanese army said "kill to give", and the machine gunner fired a point, directly letting Cai Xiong fly the account. Cai Xiongfei was shot by the Japanese army, Tang Jiamo also dare not run,aluminium coated tubes, obediently led the puppet troops back to the position, but Tang Jiamo told his puppet troops, all climb in the trench don't show their heads, the eighth route army came to raise their hands to surrender their guns. Who is not obedient, the body raised, a bullet hit, can only wait for the next life to drink, eat meat and play with women. When Tang Jiamo arrived, they could not hide safely in the trenches, because the entire defense line of the Japanese puppet army collapsed, not to mention the puppet army, even the Taiyuan garrison became routed. No way, so powerful artillery and armored groups, how can the Japanese puppet troops resist, run slowly and die. You can't run away. How can the frightened Japanese and puppet troops run past the tracks of tanks and the wheels of cars and armored vehicles? It can't run away from bullets and shells. In the end, most of the Taiyuan garrison troops who put up a desperate fight were killed, side impact beams ,beam impact tubes, and the Shanxi puppet troops who survived by luck all squatted on the ground as prisoners. After wiping out the Taiyuan garrison and the Shanxi puppet troops, the First Army rolled its wheels to Hengshui and directly captured the rear routes of the 69th Division led by Yasuji Okamura, the Shimen Garrison and the 62nd Division, the 25th Division, the 9th Independent Mixed Brigade and the 10th Independent Mixed Brigade commanded by Yoshio Shinozuka. At this point, our army completed the encirclement of the troops directly under the North China Front Army led by Yasuji Okamura and the First Army. Yasuji Okamura had a premonition of imminent disaster when the First Corps attacked the Japanese and puppet resistance troops. Because the First Corps had too many cars, heavy artillery and rockets, Yasuji Okamura immediately realized that Liu Yimin's powerful mechanized assault troops had arrived. Yasuji Okamura is a strong-minded guy who refuses to admit defeat and will not stop until he has fought to the last soldier. He immediately issued instructions, saying that the North China Front Army had reached the most critical moment, ordering all troops to turn from offensive to defensive, relying on villages and terrain to build positions, to resist to the death, and to be loyal to His Majesty the Emperor. After issuing the instructions, Yasuji Okamura sent an urgent telegram to the headquarters, reporting that the main force of the North China Bureau had fallen into the tight encirclement of Liu Yimin's troops in the Hengshui area and had no hope of breaking through. He was determined to fight to the last soldier and be loyal to His Majesty the Emperor. At daybreak, the Chinese and American air force bombers flew over the battlefield and began intensive bombing of the Japanese army. To Yasuji Okamura's surprise, the first bomber formation dropped not bombs, but propaganda leaflets, printed in both Chinese and Japanese languages, which ordered the Japanese puppet troops to surrender. This kind of propaganda leaflet, for Yasuji Okamura, can only make him sniff, but for the Japanese soldiers is different. At this point in the war, they have been defeated, and they have really been defeated. If you are eager to resist stubbornly, you will die. At this time, the Japanese soldiers, in addition to those extremely crazy, quite a number of soldiers are beating drums in their hearts. After the first bomber formation dropped leaflets and flew away, the  and that General Yasuji Okamura still had seven divisions, two independent mixed brigades and two garrisons in his hands, and that their strength was still strong. With the ability of Yasuji Okamura,Precision steel tubes, if Liu Yimin wants to destroy the main force of General Yasuji Okamura, it is bound to be a result of breaking the net. If the Japanese army took the initiative to withdraw from the North China Plain, Liu Yimin would certainly agree in order not to lose his strength. cbiesautomotive.com

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