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The little witch thought to herself, "Such a simple young man with a very good heart is really blind to the martial arts people in the Central Plains  "No, no, Grandpa Liu's palms are so evil that they hurt people. I dare not use them any more." Bastard boy, how can you be so confused? In terms of martial arts, there is no such thing as evil or good. The so-called evil and good are entirely in people. A bad person, even if he has learned the most decent martial arts, is evil if he uses them to do evil; a good person, even if he has learned the most evil martial arts, is good if he uses them to fight for justice and save people. Muddy boy, you say, a sharp axe, is it evil or good? Mo Mingzhi asked confusedly, "Grandma, does the axe also have evil and good?" "How come you don't say that when you're a fool?"? A sharp axe, in the hands of bandits and thieves,Ceramic Band Heater, if he wants to kill people, he can chop people's heads into pieces. Isn't it more terrible than your Grandpa Liu's set of palms? Why does the woodcutter use such a wicked axe? A vivid metaphor, even if Mo is wise and muddleheaded, he fully understands it. It turns out that there is no distinction between good and evil in martial arts, but why does my aunt say it is evil? Then he remembered his aunt's words: "Good kungfu, used in the hands of bad people, will also become bad kungfu, it seems that my aunt is worried that I will hurt people at random, so she said that, how can I hurt people at random?"! Xiaoyan asked,alumina c799, "Silly brother, do you understand now?" Mo Mingzhi nods: "Brother, I understand." "If only you understood!" The little witch said, "Muddy boy, your Grandpa Liu's palms are really powerful. They are all aimed at hurting people's lives. They are not bandits who commit crimes and traitors who want to kill you. Generally speaking, you'd better not use them indiscriminately." "Grandma, I know." "All right!"! We should go, too. In the future, when you are alone in Jianghu, you should be more careful. When you meet people and things, you should think more about them. Don't lose your life in a muddle. It's still inexplicable. These short words, however, are profound. Mo Mingzhi was greatly moved when he heard this. He felt that although his brother's grandmother behaved strangely, she, like her aunt, was a person who cared about herself. Hurriedly said: "Grandma, I will be careful." The little witch said to Xiaoyan, ceramic bobbin element ,cordierite c520, "What else do you have to say to your silly brother?"? No, let's go. Xiaoyan moved her lips and seemed to have thousands of words in her heart.   He urgently begged me to come out of the mountain and sweep away the two monsters, one old and one young, so that the people in Wulin would not be slaughtered. Xiaoyan said, "Oh," and just as she was about to say,Alumina Ceramic C795, the little witch stopped her with a wink and asked Zining with a smile, "So you came to Guilin?" "Yes!"! It was said that these nine little monsters seemed to have come to Guilin, so I came here. I didn't expect you to be here. "It seems that you are not willing to be lonely in the mountains and hope to be famous in Wulin again!" global-ceramics.com