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Jade hook slanting-Sima Ling _ txt novel paradise

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The leading man said in a loud voice, "You two are talking in a low voice, as if you are suspicious of something. I just wonder if you can say it." We are not even people in Jianghu. Do you believe that? "That's outrageous," said the big fellow! Could it be that you and the man and the woman just happened to meet on the road? When Li Gongdai saw that Shan Xingjian did not open his mouth, he replied, "I met him on the road." The big fellow looked up to the sky and laughed, saying, "But we just had a visit, and we saw that there were three of you." "Brother," said Li Gongdai,304 Stainless Steel Wire, "I remember we didn't say we didn't know the whereabouts of that man. We just said we hadn't been on the same road with him for a long time." "Listen to what you two say and how you stand up," said the big fellow. "We can see that both of you are well-known people today. You keep your identity everywhere. You don't run away without a fight, and you don't want to tell lies. This kind of demeanor is respected and admired by brothers." He turned around and said, "Brother Wu, do you recognize these two?" "Look at the weapons of the two of them," answered a big man with a white face. "You can see that the one on the left is Shan Xingjian, a famous expert on the right of the mountain, and the one on the right is Li Gongdai,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, a five-element sword. Both of them are quite famous masters today." Seeing that both Shan and Li did not deny it, the big fellow immediately said with a smile, "My fifth brother knows all the people in the world. As long as he has a little fame, he will be able to recognize them.". On the other hand, as long as he can recognize the person, he must be a well-known person in Wulin today. When the big fellow in this respect said the words of Xu Dan and Li, the others had jumped on horseback one after another. Shan Xingjian was suspicious and said, "Brother, it's easy to say.". I just don't know why you all got on the horse. On the other hand, Da Lang's face sank and he put on a ruthless expression on one side and said, "You two really don't understand." Or is to ask Ti knowingly. "Brother Shan," Li Gongdai replied, "this man's words and expressions are not good. It seems that he can't give up today. We'd better not talk to him! Shan Xingjian nodded and said, "Brother Li is right." Just listen to the heavy hoofbeats scattered, the original more than ten riding has been quickly distributed around. On the other hand, the big fellow jumped up and sat on horseback, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,stainless steel welded pipe, looking down at Shan and Li. He said coldly, "If you two tell us the purpose of your visit, and tell us how you know why there is such a place as our castle, you won't die!" Shan and Li Er: Everyone sent out troops without saying anything.  But see the six ride a near single, Li two people, each spear knife axe, a sharp attack, then each stagger, continue to gallop forward. At this time, the first batch of six riders had spread out in different directions, that is to say. When they met at the central point, they attacked Shan and Li, and then continued to move forward, turning into a scattered formation. However, the second batch of six ride, and then rushed from all directions. They all used long weapons,brushed stainless steel sheet, and when they met in the center, they gave Shan and Li a hard blow, and then they staggered again. sxthsteel.com